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Rain cloud serendipity: Blown Away

Updated on August 29, 2017

Storm Clouds are common in the Ozarks


"Something you did yesterday" created a serendipity experience I am sharing here today!

My Clouds in Motion: But where is the rain? article was currently my top ranked article at Squidoo when I wrote this. Over the weekend, "Yesterday" we had some rain clouds and and got some rain... Today, I met with a distant cousin, Gail Payne, for the first time - we talked family history. But her husband, Bill Payne, it turned out, was recently inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame... I looked that up via Google, see below... and ended up watching "Blown Away" the Music Video by Carrie Underwood... All very serendipity, all tied together - these folks were visiting from Oklahoma! This will be documented, below. Enjoy!

All for Squid Challenge Monday - can you believe that? Also, yesterday (literally) as I was posting my mother's diary entry for 75 years ago - it was about an electrical storm on that day - and I pulled this photo off of Wikimedia Commons:

Bill Payne inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame

When I accessed this page, today, 6 July 2012 - the Carrie Underwood "Blown Away" Music Video was advertised in the banner ad at the top! It had storm clouds that inspired me to put together this Serendipity lens on Squidoo… now transferred to HubPages! ;-)

Carrie Underwood, in 2012

Carrie Underwood performing
Carrie Underwood performing | Source

Carrie Underwood - vocalist in Blown Away Album

Carrie Underwood was the American Idol season four winner in 2005. She is from Checotah, Oklahoma, a small town along I-40 in east central Oklahoma. My wife and I drive by there regularly when we go to Austin, Texas, to visit our grandchildren. Small world.

Carrie Underwood has become a very successful person in the music industry. As I am writing this update, she just announced that she and her husband, Mike Fisher, will become parents.

Carrie Underwood on Amazon

Where is the rain?

Have you gotten the rain you need?

Bill Smith, Gail and Bill Payne

Bill Smith, Kinnick cousin Gail Payne, husband Bill Payne
Bill Smith, Kinnick cousin Gail Payne, husband Bill Payne | Source

Have lunch with a KINNICK cousin from Oklahoma

Gail and her husband, Bill Payne

Gail and I have corresponded via email for years as we have each worked on our mutual family history and genealogy of our KINNICK connections. Our common ancestor is Sgt Major William KINNICK, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, if you can believe that! Gail and I are 5th cousins (one generation removed), as we genealogists say it. Although we are basically the same age, through the generations one of us had one less generation from here to there than the other.

We talked family history and got to talking about their Oklahoma radio stations and the fact that he (not a KINNICK) was recently inducted in the Country Radio Hall of Fame in Nashville (see separate linked story). Neat! It was a good time. Thanks, Bill and Gail, for inviting me to spend some time with you! ;-)


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