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``reboot your life`

Updated on April 13, 2016

Old blue eyes and me.

project kids in school play at Cleavland Elementary, Tampa,Fl 1956
project kids in school play at Cleavland Elementary, Tampa,Fl 1956 | Source
Jane with daughter Leah and husband Mike with son Camden and last Ma.
Jane with daughter Leah and husband Mike with son Camden and last Ma.
Yes this me Mickey Gilbertson with my favorite cigar.
Yes this me Mickey Gilbertson with my favorite cigar.
Me and two boys Christmas and life is grand Post Kidney.
Me and two boys Christmas and life is grand Post Kidney.

When I was 17, a clip from Frank Sinatra's life. Sometimes a song says it all, if your 15 or 55 someone has written a song about your life.

It seems real easy to set back and double guess what happens in someone else's life when we have no vested interest. My life has always been an open book, but under the covers there are things I'm so ashamed of. Once we start to be honest with each other the pressure is off and we have a new starting point in which we all walk the same path.

Frank had it so right, when I was 21 the world seemed to be a different place in deed. Back then I had the world by the tail or so I thought. Little did I know at 21 years old I wasn't experienced I was just starting over in a new dimension. Living in a large city like Tampa,Fl I learned to play poker in the back room of a used car dealer on Nebraska ave. What I learned then was who the other players in the room where Judges,cops lawyers to just regular friends that I grew up with.

I learned there were truly bad guys such as the organised crime families living in Tampa. There were also want to bee's who were just uneducated street thugs, guys I knew who grew up in the projects who just made very bad choices. Street drugs like we know today didn't exist it was more like in the closet and the ghetto's only. I guess it just depends on where and how you grew up. I believe if you were lucky enough to have a home with both parents who cared enough to invest in your education and moral upbringing you were a lucky person.

As we start to age more and more of the rough bark starts to fall of the tree and we see the beautiful wood for what it really is, the tree of life. At age 24 I was a new recruit in the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections Division. I was starting to make a valuable separation from my days in the projects and my friends.

My first week in Central Booking was both uplifting and so sad for me. My little brother Kerby was shot and died in Atlanta, Georgia by his step father. Joseph Patrick Almond, during a rage in his house my brother tried leave the house but was shot in the back with a 32 cal Saturday night special. I didn't write this to show my pain but to maybe help others by showing they are not alone.

My life continues on in Law Enforcement for several more years, during such time I met my wife also new and working in Booking. We did not marry for several more years yet but remained good friends. I Left Booking to take a job as a bounty hunter with a bonding company Keith Sullivan Bonding. His office was in the Stovall building in down town Tampa and I was single and able to travel. I continued to work for Keith for two years while traveling through out the United States picking up bond s.kips.

In 1979 I was asked to come back to the Sheriff's office as an under cover agent as my own bail bond office. During the day time I worked for Idea Music Co, as a collector and repairing old juke boxes. I made the best of my time working in bars throughout Tampa and surrounding cities where I gathered intelligence's on under world figures and bar owners. This was a pretty rough life for me at the time I worked the bars buying drugs, stolen property etc. I also run my own Bail Bond business Mickey's Bail Bonds across the street from the Tampa Police Department on Tampa Street.

In 1980 I was in the Tampa Police Academy as the only deputy in class. I married my girlfriend and was on my way to getting a real life for myself as a Hillsborough County Patrol Deputy. I worked six more years as a patrol deputy in Thonotosassa, Florida built my own house and had a little girl. Now I'm starting to show my age in 1986 I arrested two black guys breaking into an apartment at gun point I knocked out one coming down a flite of stairs and continued after the one hanging the window with a hand gun. I injured my shoulder while making the arrest and within the year I found myself retired do to the injury.

Working as general manager of the 301 Truck Stop outside of Tampa my life was looking good, I used my law enforcement skills to manage over one hundred people on staff. It took almost two years for my shoulder to heal up, by then I was moving on to buying a pawn shop in Temple Terrace, Florida with a partner. During my five years there I finished my personal business up and wanted to leave the Tampa area.

Now at 48 years old having a 13 year old daughter who like myself needed a change in life. Looking back on my life at 13 I was hitch hiking around the country and lost without parents to guide me. Jane and I decided to move north to Georgia where she has a sister living in Dawsonville, Georgia. Making such a move after so many years in Tampa and so many ties was hard but my family needed the change.

Here I am 50 now and going to a new Police Academy for the Dawsonville Sheriff Office Not being from here sometimes I met with a little resistance from the towns folks. I understood but determined to gain their trust we worked hard building another house on ten acres with room to move around. I worked 12 more years for the Sheriff Office only to retire after a kidney transplant in 2010. Life was grand I was sick but the towns people were like my own ken folks so much help so little time I thought. After doing 10 years in warrants and doing transports I ended up in the court system ac.ting like the door man at Wall mart My Mother had died just a week before my Kidney operation I was pretty miserable with doing Dialysis for 18 months before a friend donated his kidney to me.

Here at 67 now my little girl is married with two boys and a fine husband Mike I love him like my own son and understand how tough it was growing up in the Atlanta area.

My friends Sinatra has nothing on me because I did it my way.



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