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Chronic Renal Disease

Updated on June 22, 2016


Over twenty million persons in the United States are affected by this condition. The progression of this condition is most often related to many serious complications, which incorporate anemia, hyperlipidemia as well as metabolic bone disease

Renal Disease and Bone Metabolic Disease

Generally, bone metabolism disorders are primarily caused by increase in phosphorus thus damaging the kidney flow due to the glomerulus ultra filtration rate (GFR) decline. However, the association mechanism of hyperphosphatemia remains indistinct, but it is tied to the increase in parathyroid hormone as well as calcification in the vascular system. Principally, the focus on the management of this condition will be reduction of phosphorus level. This will incorporate the use of calcium-based formulations for a short term to avoid complications due to this therapy, vitamin D administration to increase calcium level, and restrictions to phosphorus containing diets. This will be in line with the initial management of the patient.


Anemia may occur in this condition, which can be due to various mechanisms: folate and iron deficiencies, but the most important cause remains reduced synthesis of erythropoietin. In this case, the management of this condition will be majorly by reconstitution of the human erythropoietin (epo) recombinant that base on the availability. In case of inaccessibility, their will be need to re-embark on the blood transfusion to maintain the hemoglobin to the appropriate level. In addition, dialysis recommendation may be necessary.


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    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 

      3 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Good Article. We need more education on Renal Disease for the public.

      I had an attack of "Wegner's" in 1993 and after a long vigil of exploratory surgeries, experimental drug treatments and other tricks, I did end up with a transplant anyway.

      It was a perfect match from my brother, and I have luckily been surviving as a transplant recipient since 1996.

      The joke among my fellow transplant recipients is " The Drugs you take to keep your Transplant alive, will eventually Kill you."

      And, thats where I am now. My Kidney? It's working great. Bit, I now have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and am a Stage-2 Diabetic with occasional bouts of GOUT.

      But, as my fellow Seniors say; I keep waking up in the morning.

      Again, Good Article, Voted UP



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