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How To Reward Yourself | 30 Ideas to Reward Yourself

Updated on February 21, 2015

When you have taken a positive step to self-improvement, or when you have accomplished a goal or a milestone towards a long term goal, you deserve to feel proud of yourself, celebrate and give yourself a treat or reward.

It is always a challenge in making life-changing decisions as it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. One such important decision is a change in lifestyle and making it healthier. This requires a lot of discipline, perseverance and persistence in altering your diet, exercise at the gym, quitting smoking, reduce alcoholic intake, and so on. Yet, such a decision has strong impact on your life in a positive way, especially in the long run. Is making such a decision and meeting the goal impossible? It will be difficult, but it is not impossible. Many people have done it. Among the people who have made it, some experience a relapse. Relapse can be avoided by rewarding yourself every time you accomplish a milestone towards a desired healthy lifestyle change.

If you are on a weight-loss program, when you have met mini-goal, reward yourself. That will make your weight-loss journey more pleasant. If you don't celebrate and reward yourself for small success, you will feel your long-term weight-loss goal seems so far away. You may feel despair or be tempted to give up. Having little stops to celebrate along the way makes that journey less difficult and your goal more likely to accomplish.

Below are my “personal goodies basket” which I use to reward myself occasionally for my hard work, discipline and perseverance for achieving my target or goal in life. You can create your own personal goodies basket to motivate yourself too.

Here is how : Make a list of things you enjoy. For each little success, reward yourself with choices from your basket. Each person’s satisfaction varies. Consider what would really please you. For a change, put yourself first. INDULGE. SPOIL YOURSELF. You have conquered yourself. You deserve it.

Affordable or Free Rewards

1) Indulge myself in watching my favourite movie or drama series

2) Buy a book from my favourite author online and indulge in reading

3) Spend an hour working in my flower and vegetables garden

4) Relax in bubble bath in my own sweet time

5) Take time to write a letter

6) Spend an afternoon at my favourite museum or gallery

7) Take a walk through a nice park

8) Cook something nice in the kitchen

9) Light some candles and listen to some really nice music

10) Savor a celebratory glass of wine with nice dinner

11) Take a nap

12) Take a day off from any goaled activities

13) Get myself a nice haircut

14) Invite my good friends to a small gathering at my house


Moderately Expensive Rewards

15) Go for a short vacation by the sea or above the mountain

16) Get a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial

17) Have lunch at my favourite restaurant with my loved ones

18) Have my favourite coffee with dessert or ice-cream at a cozy Cafe

19) Go shopping and buy something really nice or special for myself

20) Attend a live concert of your favourite singers

21) Watch an orchestra performance

22) Splurge on a bottle of expensive wine Champagne with my loved one


Luxurious Rewards

23) Go for Spa Treatment

24) Buy and wear something really nice for an expensive dinner

25) Make a long distance call to my good old friend

26) Buy myself a nice jewellery

27) Buy myself an elegant and beautiful evening gown

28) Devote the entire day to a shopping spree

29) Go for a cruise to nowhere

30) Sign up for an expensive holiday package staying in a luxurious hotel by the lake or sea

Keep it short and sweet. After that, go back and continue your marathon run towards your goal immediately.


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