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How to Improve Memory & Why it is Important

Updated on May 12, 2015

Brain Power Control

How To Improve Memory

Medical research of memory deficits and age-related memory loss has resulted in new explanations and treatment techniques about how to improve memory, including a proper diet, regular exercises, stress management, cognitive therapy and pharmaceutical medications. The brain power is the main factor for how good your memory is and so if you want to know how to improve memory, the most efficient way is to find the appropriate brain training exercises that will help you add more power to your brain. Regardless of how old are you, there are some brain training exercises that will help you improve your memory whatsoever.
Research has found that chronic and acute stress have adverse effects on memory processing systems. Therefore, it is important to find mechanisms in which one can reduce the amount of stress in their lives when seeking to improve memory. Even though this might sound very hard given the fact that nowadays our lives are so busy that you might think there is no possible way to reduce the stress, but you are wrong. Some good techniques for reducing stress including making time for yourself to relax, going on a holiday with your family, finding a good and relaxing hobby that will take your mind off of things, and so on. There are many great ways that you can reduce the stress, which in turn will help how to improve memory.

Various researches have shown that participants with no experience in mindfulness meditation can improve their memory recall in just eight weeks. Meditation, with its power to help us concentrate, has also been shown to improve standardized test scores and working memory abilities after just two weeks. What’s more, it is a great way that you can relax and reduce the stress. By meditating on a regular basis you will improve your brain power and in no time will notice that your memory has significantly improved. At first it might be hard for you to get used to, but with time you will find it easier and easier to meditate and thus improve your memory more and more.
Some people claim that caffeine can help how to improve memory. However, the truth is that whether caffeine can improve memory, if taken before learning something new is debatable. Most research has found little to no effect from ingesting caffeine prior to creating new memories. One recent study, however, found that taking a caffeine pill after a learning task actually improved memory recall up to 24 hours later. This brain exercises technique has become quite popular but there are strong arguments both for and against it. Whether you choose to implement it in your search for brain power is entirely up to you but you should keep in mind that even if you choose to overlook it, there are still plenty of other ways how to improve memory.

You might have heard from the elderly that berries can help how to improve memory. More research is needed in this area, but science is getting closer to understanding how berries might affect our brains. In particular, blueberries are known for being high in flavonoids, which appear to strengthen existing connections in the brain. That could explain why they're beneficial for long-term memory. What’s more, eating berries means eating various fruits, which in turn will not only help your brain power to increase but help you lead a healthier life.
A good suggestion is to try eating other brain foods as well. Eat antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries and asparagus, lean protein such as fish, healthy fats including eggs and nuts, and high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. And drink lots of water! It's a winning combination for the brain.
It’s advisable that you combine eating brain foods with finding forms of stress relief. Since high levels of stress might impair your learning, memory, and judgement abilities, it’s advisable that you find a way to let off steam. As mentioned above, meditation is one of the most popular ones and is known to be very effective. You should give it a try.
With a proper combination of stress relief methods, diet consisting of brain foods, and proper brain exercise, in no time you will manage to increase your brain power and thus find a way how to improve memory.

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