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5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight Fast at Home (Even in Lockdown): Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Shed Some Weight

Updated on May 24, 2020
Ifeoluwa Olaniyi profile image

Ifeoluwa lost close to 4kg in one month doing next to nothing unusual

With lockdown still active in some countries of the world (maybe your country is one of them), the almost natural thing people are doing is adding weight (not because they are eating too much, but because there is next to nothing to do to lose weight and stay fit) and the gyms are not opened to ensure social distancing. You've probably noticed you've eaten too much food and junks and are worried about losing weight (I know that feeling, you're not ready to discard that pretty fitting gown or shirt of yours!)
There are so many organic and inorganic remedies that help reduce and lose weight (with or without exercises) with some being costly and some almost impossible (a few were recommended by people I know). I am not saying they don't work, they actually do, but the question is, "why would I want to add junks to junks?" and "how am I supposed to detoxify myself with toxic stuff?"
While some of these stuff work, some don't, and what do those that are no effective do? they add junks to our system. My mom used to be a fan of 'slimming teas' until she stopped. Are you asking me why? She stopped because she was getting the opposite result of what she wanted she keot gaining instead of losing weight (turned out to be fattening teas)! Until she gave up and in her words ''gained the weight she was probably born to gain'. In the process of trying to shed weight by all means, some of us fail to pay attention to the harm done. To be factual, there are natural (and budget friendly) ways to loosing weight wihout seriously exercising or hitting the gym! Presently, with lockdown still active in some countries, the gym is just not it. You're ready to lose weight fast but you wanna ask this question: "How then do I naturally lose weight without exercises and without spending all my money?" To answer your question, I'll tell you how to lose weight in this story:

Don't add junks to junks.

There are natural, cheap and efficient home remedies you could use to loose weight!

Get busy!

Naturally, I am not someone who cares so much about eating. I am cool with eating once in a day. However, I'm on the chubby side. Hey! I'm not fat, but for someone who doesn't eat much, I could pass off as being chubby. And I'm heavy (though I've lost some weight). Me being chubby is genetic. Every woman in my mom's lineage is chubby (whether we eat or don't). (you wouldn't know unless I tell you). Sometimes I get 'unfortunate' to have my friends meet me eating probably my only meal for the day. How am I supposed to explain later that being chubby is genetic without them giving me that 'I'm-not-the-one-you're-decieving' look?
Early this year (January, to be precise), I went to the hospital where mom works as a Nurse to say 'hi' (I stay in a students' hostel') and I decided to check my weight. much to my dismay and surprise, I weighed 76kg (what?). Immediately, I started making inquiries about the hospital's gym facility and its cost. I would have begun hitting the gym but resumption and school work had me cancel my plan.
After about 5weeks (towards mid February), l started feeling 'light'. I didn't pay much attention to it until march, when a friend saw me and chipped in that if I had been working out and was trying to lose weight, I should go check my weight. in her words, I looked 'light weight' (making me wonder if it was possible to look light weight). That got me. I went to mom's office the following day, checked my weight and got a shocker, I weighed 72kg! Yunno the kind of shock that makes you sit and ask, "how did I do this?" Yeah, that was it. Though, I had wanted to lose weight, I couldn't figure out the exact thing(s) I did. I tried to place my finger on what exactly I did to lose weight but arrived at nothing until I was on my way home, about paying for some vegetables. Not to worry, I'm not stingy. I'll share. Here they are (let's get down to them!)

Get busy and reduce junk intake: This, basically, was what I did without noticing. Thing is, otherwise, I could eat a whole lot of junks per day (from pies, to cakes, to soda, it) but I couldn't because I was to busy with school work, assignments, deadlines and researches to have time for junk. I leave home as early as 6am (too much in a hurry to eat) and get back at the earliest, 5pm (too late to eat lunch) with a whole lot of assignments (too busy to eat junks!). Simple as ABC... Junks, as we all know (but sometimes decide not to care), have ways of adding to the amount of fat and calories in the body. The first thing to do when trying to shed weight is to STAY OFF JUNKS. It's not easy staying off junks, they are sweet (I take breaks from junk-strike sometimes), but hey! We tryna lose some weight here.

Reduce food intake: Funny? Yeah, I used that to catch your attention. You were beginning to zone out, thinking about how on earth you are supposed to stop eating your favorite pie (sorry boo, you gotta let go) but I meant it. Slow down, I was only talking about that unnecessary food (especially lunch) that you usually eat when you're not hungry. Yeah, that one you eat when you 'just feel like chewing something' because it's time to eat. STOP IT. Also, eat balanced diets, I mean a meal that has carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, mineral, a minimal amount of fat and oil (because we're tryna loose weight) and of course, a lot of water. I understand that you might not be from the same country so I advice you use the food classification peculiar to your country and fix a balanced and nutrition-giving meal, full stop.

Be a camel.

Also, eat fruits and veggies

Be a camel: This might not be easy. Figuratively, I meant to drink a lot of water, preferably warm. Did you just ask why I recommend warm water? Good question. You'll answer it yourself. Can you remind me what we are trying to shed? Yeah, weight. What's the major constituent of human weight? Fat. Is fat soluble in cold water? You said 'No'? Good. I hope I answered your question. The major means of shedding weight is to have calories, fat and waste products disposed. Drinking warm water will help increase the disposal route of fat by dissolving it first. It can then be passed out as urine and/or sweat. When you take a lot of water, you urinate often and what? Pass out more fat fast (in a month)!

Let's summarize our tips so far

Do this
Get busy
Reduce junk intakes
Reduce fat
Reduce food intake
Eat balanced diet twice daily
Add nutrients. Reduce weight
Drink a lot of warm water
Dissolve fats easily
Fast disposal of fats and metabolic waste

Good job! Now, we can continue

Work out without hitting the gym!

Eat more fruits and vegetables: I mentioned earlier that I bought vegetables on my way from mom's office. I was tryna say that I had eaten vegetables and fruits frequently for over a month! Vegetables are are weight loss friendly because they are low in fats and calories. While they don't help reduce fat level, they also don't add to it because the amount of fat in them is negligible. Don't lose hope in vegetables yet. Here's another thing they do: they maintain a healthy blood pressure. As someone who has excessive amount of fats in your body, your blood pressure tends to being on the increase but with the presence of vegetables, the end point value of your blood pressure will be reduced. You don't understand? Let's do a simple maths. 65 plus 35 is what? 100. 100 plus -5 is? 95. Correct. Now let's compare. 65 is the natural pressure from your heart's pumping of blood, 35 is the pressure caused by fat, -5 is the negligible amount of fat in the vegetable you eat and 95 is the endpoint value of your blood pressure. You think it's insignificant? An increase in your blood pressure value by 1mmHg is enough to slip into coma.

Work out: in areas with active total lockdown, this might be difficult but if doing this won't be disobeying the law, you should try it (of course, you will wear a facemask). the main point is that you should engage in things that would consume your energy and hasten your body's metabolism process which would in turn help you lose weight fast. After schools resumed early January, I usually (majorly because I had no choice) walked a 40 minute distance to school constantly for a month because I was always earlier than the cabs. Sometimes, when I felt up to the task, I would walk home, a total of 1hr 20mins walk per day. I always ended up sweating a lot. If taking long walks is currently against the law in your city (due to lockdown), exert your energy on house chores and activities that'll make you sweat, hence pass out waste products then lose weight fast. It may be difficult at first but you gotta be determined.

Every tip I've explained relies on one word: DETERMINATION. It may not be easy (it isn't) keeping up with the plan to lose weight, but with determination, you'll get your result. I should tell you this though: we're tryna lose weight, not size. So, while your size might not reduce after a month, check your weight and you'll be shocked like I was. I hope I answered your question. Make sure you lose that weight before lockdown is almos over, that gown/shirt still loves you. I wish you the very best. Thank you

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Ifeoluwa


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