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Signs of Anxiety in Women to Never Ignore

Updated on August 20, 2012

Some Initial Words on Anxiety

Most underestimated and ignored health condition is anxiety and depression in human being. More or less every person, except new born and complete mad, from student to sedentary person are suffering from some kind of anxiety. It is a outcome of today's fast and competitive life style. Very few case has been found where some people has been found inherit some trait that cause them anxious. Anxiety of women's are a bit different. Manifestation, cause differs from ethnicity. country , religions, socioeconomic condition.
Expression of anxiety in women is different and that is more pronounced when that is set in extreme as ladies has quite a bit different mental endurance, tolerance, a sign of natures selection. Woman's from developed country , most of them are self earning and literate and progressive, can express her problem liberally to medical person or she could realize that she has some problem related to mind. But the case is completely different with the women's of developing countries. Illiteracy, poverty, suppression does not let them express their problems.

Irrespective of country most of the man and women does not identify the sigh of anxiety so when they learn they have it that is already late. Read more how to identify anxiety signs in female.

Signs of Anxiety in Women

In the groundbreaking (and very popular) research book The Hite Report in the 70s, the researcher Shere Hite mentions very prominently that most antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines are sold to women. She notes dryly that American women are kept under control through being tranquilized and medicated. She attributes this state of affairs to the way women feel unfulfilled in life and just don't know how to help themselves. It certainly is true that women suffer from anxiety more than men. Anxiety drug sales statistics certainly do attest to this. If the signs of anxiety in women were more widely known about though, women would be able to catch the problem before it became serious.

Would you believe that most women (yes, most women) do not even know that they have an anxiety problem until they enter menopause in their 50s and their hormonal problems aggravate their anxiety and things become so bad that they can't be ignored? While Shere Hite's observations (that a good part of the reason women have to constantly medicate themselves for anxiety is that they are unfulfilled and held down) have a good deal of truth to them, new scientific insight is beginning to point out that hormonal problems can often contribute. Apparently, they are a major cause.

What this means is that signs of anxiety in women don't have to be treated symptomatically like they always have been. The underlying cause - hormonal imbalances or other such things - are what need to be treated. And these are treatable. Anxiety in women is a treatable problem.

But first, the signs of anxiety in women need to be widely known of. Most women still don't really recognize the wide range of symptoms that show up. For instance, if a woman quickly gets upset and cries, one might chalk it up to her "being a woman" or something like that. In fact, it could be a sign of anxiety.

Mothers and wives often suffer from an irrational fear of horrible things about to happen to their family. They may have insomnia, hot flashes or chest pain. Most of the time, these are just attributed to how much they care about their family. That's not really true though. These can be a real signs of anxiety, and they may be caused by hormonal disturbances.

When women have problems like these, they tend to go in for therapy. Instead, they should go and make an appointment with their gynecologist. To women, their gynecologist should be their therapist.

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