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Silver Needle Tea | The Very Best White Tea

Updated on June 1, 2010

A study reveled in April 2000, stating white teas could be 5 times more protective then green teas against cancer. White teas go through the least amount of processing then green or black teas. Traditionally air dried without rolling and most are grown in the Fujian Province of China.

Of all the Chinese white teas, silver needle tea is the highest honored. Also known as Bai Hao Yinzhen and grown in China and picked only during the first few days of spring, then regulated so that the production requirements are met and only the highest most premium product is produced.

Its no wonder the Chinese take such care of this honored plant. In addition to the health benefits, such as containing the highest level of antioxidents, detoxifing the body of toxins and having a cooling effect. The taste of actually drinking this white tea is a clean, smooth delicate taste. A mild flavor with a sweet fragrance that is subtle on the lips.

Silver Needle Tea Leaves
Silver Needle Tea Leaves

The Silver Needle Tea Leaf

This organic silver needle white tea in its purest for is bright in color with very small white hairs covering the leaf. It has a uniform shape of leaf absent of leaves or stems. The silver needle white tea leaves are picked at the beginning of spring, only between March 15 and April 10 only the unopened, unharmed leaves are used to produce the leafs that will be made into the tea we drink today.

Silver Needle White Tea Benefits

The Organic Silver Needle White Tea Benefits are as follows

  • loaded with antioxidants
  • protects against cancer
  • reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • strengthens the immune and circulatory systems
  • promotes healthy looking skin
  • strengthens bones and teeth

Brewing White Tea Video

Brewing Silver Needle White Tea

White teas such as silver needle are best brewed in warm water at approximently 180F degrees. When the tiny bubbles in your kettle have begun to bring to the top, this is when you are at the right temperature

Using 2 large teaspoons, for the first steep do so for about 4 to 5 minute. Add about a minute or two to each following steep for about 3 times. The reason for steeping so long is to allow the leaves to open and the bud to be exposed bringing the true flavor to your cup.

Tea Kettles

KitchenAid Teakettle 2-Quart Gourmet Essentials Stainless Steel Kettle , Brushed
KitchenAid Teakettle 2-Quart Gourmet Essentials Stainless Steel Kettle , Brushed

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      LivingFood 6 years ago

      Tea is my favorite beverage and am always on the lookout for new teas. This on sounds delicious!