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How to Keep up Your Exercise Momentum during the Summer or Winter

Updated on January 11, 2014

5 Practical Exercises and Some "Cool" Tips for your Well Being

Do you, like many others, hate exercising when it is hot?

When it is hot, I don't even want to walk to the mailbox, let alone exert myself.

The simple exercises on this website will help guide you in exercising, even when it is hot outside and you really don't feel like it.

You will maintain your health and stamina and even get a little strength.

You can even exercise while sitting in your big comfy chair or lying in bed.

This website will show you how to incorporate exercising into a hot Summer day, all before your morning coffee, tea, juice or foods!

Beat the heat and exercise early in the day. It is simple and make your day run much more smoothly!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Deep breathing in bed
Deep breathing in bed

Deep Breathing after Awakening

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, oxygenate yourself by doing 10 deep breaths and over time build up to 20.

Deep breathing is slowly filling your lungs with air by breathing through your nose, holding it for a few seconds and slowly exhale it through your pursed lips (as if you were whistling) as it slows the exhalation.

This exercise awakens the body and oxygenates it by getting you blood flowing to different parts including your brain, where it helps awaken your mental clarity.

You should do this while lying on your back.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Stretching in bed
Stretching in bed

Gently Stretch before Getting Out of Bed

Do you have a dog or a cat? After they have been layying for a while, do you notice that before they get up, they always stretch? That is exactly what we need to do.

While lying in bed on your back, gently start stretching one side of the body, arm over head and foot pointed. Stretch the entire length of that side of the body by holding the light stretch to a count of 5 seconds and breathing deeply. Switch to the other side of the body and repeat. Repeat by going from side to side for three or more repetitions.

Stretching before getting up gets the limbs ready to work so you will be less likely to hurt yourself on the trip out of the bedroom.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

stretch touching toes
stretch touching toes

Gently Stretch after Rising From Bed

Slowly rise out of bed and then try to bend over and stretch to your toes.

Hold each stretch for a count of 5 seconds and release. Repeat this stretch 3-5 times.

Eventually those muscles should stretch out and you can palm the floor but be patient as it can take some time.

This is good for back muscles and hamstrings.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

TIP #1

You should drink 8-16 ounces of good old H20. I do this with my morning medications. You may or may not have had a visit to the bathroom but allow for this, as nature calls. During the day, you should drink ½ of your body weight in ounces. In the Summer, you perspire in higher volumes than during other seasons.

Do You Exercise at Least Once a Day?

How long do you exercise daily?

See results

TIP #2

Morning sun - Experts agree that you need at least 10 minutes of morning sun every day for the body to benefit from natural vitamin D. You can be sipping water while you are outside or while you pondering your day.

Sitting on Patio
Sitting on Patio

Neck and Ankle Stretches

While you are outside getting your morning sun, either standing or sitting in your chair, it is time to do your neck stretches.

While sitting as straight as possible (which strengthens and lengthens your spin and keeps your core strong), look straight forward then gently look all the way over your right shoulder and then slowly repeat to the left. Then, try to look as high as you can upward, then touch your chin to your chest.

Repeat these 4 stretches very slowly 3-5 times. You can also rotate your ankles by either repeating the left , right, up, down as you did with your head.

If you have time, you can point your toes and try to spell the alphabet with each.

All of this will help keep your ankle joints supple.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Zookinesis: Chair Exercises for Seniors - Tai Chi and Yoga Exercises in a Chair

Zookinesis: Chair Exercises for Seniors
Zookinesis: Chair Exercises for Seniors

This DVD is not only for Seniors. If you need to exercise and spend most of your day at a desk, this is a great way to do it.

I have seen excerpts of it and it is a great way to exercise. I highly recommend this video.


TIP #3

Have a light nutritious breakfast of your choosing. Do not eat a large breakfast. In France and Belgium they call it "le petit déjeuner ," which means "small" lunch.

Sitting at Desk
Sitting at Desk

Glute and Thigh Stretching

If you are done with breakfast and sitting in your chair, driving to work or even sitting at your desk, you can exercise your glutes and thighs.

Squeeze those muscles and hold them tight for 10 seconds each repetition and 3-5 repetitions.

Always try to sit up straight and not use your backrest at all times.

This stretching will strengthen your back muscles.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

More Websites with Simple Exercises

Get your fit on!

Please Push Up Some Comments - Get your skinny on...well, not quite this skinny.

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    • queenofduvetcover profile image


      6 years ago

      lol love the skeleton! These are some great tips!

      I'm exercising my glutes and thighs while writing this comment. =D

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I try to get out and walk as much as I can.

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 

      6 years ago

      Very informative. Thanks

    • limited279 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great work. Fun and informative! cheers

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This lens is motivating. Thanks for sharing it with us. The skeleton doing push-ups is so cool!

    • GreenfireWiseWo profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens - thank you.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for interesting info

    • peggygallyot profile image


      6 years ago

      I like to walk everyday thank you for sharing

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thank for sharing, great lens and very informative

    • Diva2Mom profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm huge when it comes to exercising. Thanks for this very informative lens! God bless.

    • Breakdown3133 profile image


      6 years ago

      Liked your lens a lot. I will definitely be implementing the morning stretches!


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