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Is Soylent a New Superfood?

Updated on May 23, 2013

Are Nutritional Supplements for You?

We have all seen the science fiction movies where people get their nutrition from a tablet rather than food. To most this seems an unlikely scenario, but interestingly we are closer than you think to being able to get all the nutrients we need from a shake.

Nutritional Supplements on Steroids

The First Part of the Soylent Story

Most of us supplement our diets in some way. We may take a multi-vitamin, or a supplement specifically designed to improve our skin, eyes or hair. Weight lifters take nutritional supplements to boost their protein intake, which helps them to build muscle.

Today, taking a nutritional supplement is almost normal. If we feel under the weather and cannot eat well, our first thought is to go to the chemist and buy a nutrition shake to keep our energy levels up.

However, one man wanted to take things a step further. Rob Rhinehart, a young computer engineer from Georgia was concerned when an elderly friend of his was struggling to eat enough after an injury. His friends plight got him thinking about what was really necessary to maintain good health, and wondered if it could be delivered in an easier way.

Unlike most people he did not simply forget it. Instead he began reading up about nutrition and came up with a shake that quickly delivered everything his body needed. It is early days for his experiment, but already the international press and some aid agencies are very interested in his Soylent product.

Nutritional Shakes You Can Buy Now

Soylent is still in the development stage and is not yet available to buy. However, it is well worth looking at nutritional shakes as a potential alternative food source. Here are a few you may find will work for you.

Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake, Vanilla Chai, Small Tub, 15.4oz
Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake, Vanilla Chai, Small Tub, 15.4oz

100% plant based protein. Can be used as a meal replacement shake.


SoyLent Still In Development

SoyLent aims to be the ultimate food suplement

It is hoped that SoyLent will be good enough for people to live on. Rob has experimented on himself and is still in the process of adjusting the supplement to meet all his nutritional needs. He already spent 30 days just eating SoyLent and felt good on the supplement. For the past two months he has also eaten some food, but has continued to adjust the recipe.

He is a long way from launch, but hopes that when he is at that point his supplement can be used in disaster zones and areas of poverty. His dream is to see these people eating a healthier and more sustainable diet than is possible with traditional food production.

SoyLent on YouTube - Rob Eliminates Food

Rob is experimenting with replacing food with SoyLent. Find out more and watch his video.

Would You Try SoyLent? - Are you prepared to try this new food supplement for a week?

People go and diets and use supplements all of the time to help them. However, going without food completely is another thing.

Would You Try Soylent for a Week?

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The Future of Food

Are supplements the future for food?

It will be interesting to see how this new food supplement is perceived when it is launched. There is little doubt that if it is easily transportable, and can be prepared in the field, that it will be used in disaster zones and by aid agencies.

However, the developer of this food supplement is aiming to change the way we eat in the west. The rising cost of food, and the demands an increasing population is putting on the planet are real issues. The question is will these issues drive people to eat differently in the future?

The answer is yes. However, whether Soylent will be the product that leads us down this path remains to be seen.

If you use a particular supplement, tell us what it is, why you use it and if you would recommend it.

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