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Spinel Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Updated on July 27, 2010

What is Spinel Gemstone

Spinel is a magnesium aluminium oxide, MgAl2O4. It is a durable gemstone that is treasured for its own beauty. The primary use of spinel is as a gemstone and there is no industrial use for spinel in large quantities. The stone's color range is blue, green, red, violet, yellow, orange, brown, black and colourless. Crystals are transparent to translucent and sometimes nearly opaque. Its wonderful brilliance, hardness and spectacular range of colors makes this stone a favor amongst dealers. If you want a gemstone with beautiful color and very nearly the hardness of ruby and sapphire at a quarter of the price, then spinel is your stone.

The name of the gem either comes from a Greek word 'spinther' which means 'spark' or from a Latin word 'spina' which means 'thorn'. It was valued as a protective gemstone by the Romans and Greeks due to it's sparkling colors. Spinel is only slightly softer than corundum. Natural spinels are rarely found in normal jewelry stores, many red and colorless spinels found in the market are synthetic. Fine spinels can be rarer than the rubies they used to imitate and interesting enough, they are also more affordable.

Spinel Gemstone
Spinel Gemstone

Uses and Crystal Benefits

Spinel is a stone of calm and renewal. It is a high energy stone and the energy is supportive and can help people overcome feeling of stress and heal physical energy blockages. It will speed the recovery of many diseases assocciated with movement, including issues with joints, muscles and bones. It also offers encouragement in situations of difficulty and help ease a situational crisis such as a divorce or a job change. Spinel lowers stress and anxiety, reduces physical inflammation and helps one to keep focussed in order to reach life's goal.

Color Meaning and Mystical Powers

Red spinel is associated with the Root Chakra and heart, it specifically stimulates physical vitality and strength. It also increases confidence and leadership.

Pink spinel is useful to people suffering from chronic conditions and fatique. Talisman of pink spinel is used to carry the love of the giver which makes the stone a great gem for couples who cannot physically be together and for those who have long-distance relationships.

Peach spinel is said to soften criticism towards others or oneself and to build self-esteem.

Blue spinel stimulates the third chakra in order to be mentally focussed and helps with one's psychic abilities. It enhances discrimination (especially about friends) and useful for spiritual communication.

Brown Spinel connects to the Earth Star chakra, allows one to be protected and grounded. It helps to dispel negative energies, atachments or entities from one's Etheric body. It also reflects the negative energy back to it's original source.

Violet spinel is used to enhance communication between generations and to avoid being victimize.

Yellow spinel connects to solar plexus chakra and helps one remain focussed mentally, and aids in manifesting abundance on all levels. It is the stone for those with low self-estem as it fosters a stronger belief in one's own abilities.

Green spinel connects to the heart chakra, it helps with emotional issues allowing one to feel love, compassion and forgiveness for oneself and others. Dark green is said to increase luck and enhance skills of communication. Light green is told to be worn if one feels fear.

Orange spinel connects to the sacral chakra stimulating sexual and creative energies.

Black Spinel connects to the Earth Star and base chakras grounding high vibrational energy into one's physicael vehicle and to the magnetic core of the Earth. It also helps one to acknowledge and release deeply held emotional paterns such as anger and grief.

Colorless spinel able to re-energize one's energetic fields as well as the whole chakra system.

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