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Power Foods for the Brain help you step up your game

Updated on January 9, 2015

Are you ready to power-up your brain? I'm a huge fan of Dr. Neal Barnard and have several of his books including his latest Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory. This is a new book released in 2014 so you'll find up-to-date information that can make a difference in your life long-term.

So many of my friends are caring for elderly parents or family members and coming face-to-face with the result of failed memory and cognition problems. I cared for both my parents for the last ten years and, luckily, we never had to address so many of the issues I see plaguing my friends. Yes, good genes help but so does a healthy lifestyle. Add to that some of the problems resulting from a lot of medications and the result is a real problem. That's why I think Dr. Barnard's work in this area is so important for anyone at any age.


A major concern of Dr. Barnard's is the memory issues that are happening at an alarming rate primarily from those who are being diagnosed with Alzheimer's but also simply as a result of an ever-growing aging population. It is his contention that proper nutrition and the appropriate foods as well as exercise will go along way towards helping your brain stay healthy and your memory active.

Another reason is simply because Dr. Neal Barnard is a good writer as well as a great doctor who writes in an engaging style. He'll draw you in immediately when he opens with a discussion of the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein and how they explains how your brain works.

Power Foods for the Brain provides up to date research on the brain and on memory. What is going on in your brain? What are the latest studies and what are they telling us? How can we use that information to help us? These and more are the questions that will be answered.

Dr. Barnard's Three-Step Plan to improve memory, the brain cognition

Most important is the three-step plan Barnard offers: 1) Use power foods to provide the needed nutrition your brain needs and why; 2) Exercise the brain; 3) protect the brain from two main enemies: sleep disruption and particular medications and medical conditions.

The earlier you start, the better, of course, but it's not too late for the baby boomers and others. This is a great book and one I definitely recommend.

More books by Dr. Neal Barnard

This was the first book by Dr. Barnard that I bought about five years ago and it is stuffed with excellent information that everyone should know and understand. While I'm not diabetic my sugar level had climbed and I wanted to find a natural non-drug way of lowering the number. I did with this book. Six months later not only had my sugar level gone down but also the numbers for my blood pressure and cholesterol. I highly recommend this book.


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