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Stop Smoking - You know you want to!

Updated on May 22, 2013

Coughing Ashtray


Designed for smokers and non-smokers alike. The ultimate deterrent for all those heavy smokers. Deliver your smoking guests a shock tactic which could be the end to their habit.

The Coughing Ashtray is an innovative gadget designed to help you, a friend or loved one give up smoking. It may look like any ordinary ashtray but as you put your ash in it, it starts coughing like an old man. Great novelty gift idea but with a serious twist

So if you should you be thinking of quitting smoking, this is the ultimate deterrent mechanism with it's built-in sensor to detect the ash as it drops and then will cough it's lungs up when it does! Every time you flick ash in it, it starts to cough, hacking away with harsh coughing sounds. Basically it has a movement sensor in it, so waving your hand over it sets it off into a coughing fit. Forget your nicotine replacement patches and inhalators; this will shock you into giving up the weed.

Need a bigger shock?

There is an even more horrific version on the market whick looks like a pair of lungs and has a very nasty paroxysm of coughing and an accompanying scream.

These novelty gadgets are readily available on the Internet priced between £4 and £7.



I make no apologies for the shocking images on this page.  The cold hard fact of the matter is that SMOKING KILLS!  Or if you'd like that sanitized a little; smoking cuts people's life expectancy. 

  • People who begin to smoke early on in life are 3 times more likely to die of smoking-related disease than those who start in their 20's
  • A study in the UK showed that in one year, 17,000 hospital admissions for children under 5 years old  were due to their parents smoking.
  • Regular smokers who die of smoking related disease will have lost around 16 yearsof their life expectancy compared to people who do not smoke.
  • For the whole of theEuropean Union the number of deaths from smoking and tobacco usage (includes chewing tobacco) is estimated at well over 500,000 a year
  • In the UK, treating smoking related disease costs the National Health Service around £1.7 billion per annum.

A reason why you may not be able to stop smoking

  1. Did you start smoking as a teenager?
  2. Were you quickly hooked and become a heavy smoker (20+ a day) rapidly?
  3. Have you been unsuccessful in stopping smoking despite repeated attempts?

It may not be that you are lacking in willpower or moral fibre. It could well be a genetic cause and you may not be able to do a great deal about it by using your willpower alone.

Scientists have discovered that there is a gene variant in the DNA which makes some young people 43% more likely to become a heavy smoker by the age of 18 and to have greater difficulty stopping than people without the variant gene.

Teenagers without the variant do not become hooked as quickly or smoke the high volume of cigarettes and as adults do not have as much trouble with smoking cessation as those with the variant gene.

This is a reason but not an excuse. With help you WILL be able to stop smoking. You may need hynotherapy or nicotine patches or some other kind of therapy but you will be able to stop.


  •  “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”  by Allen Carr - ISBN-10: 076071200X This excellent book has helped many thousands of people to quit. including celebrities like Liam Neeson and Goldie Hawn.
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Try to change the way you look at smoking. Convince yourself that giving up will be easy and it will be.
  • E cigarettes (the electronic cigarette which simulates the functions of a cigarette without the harmful chemicals)
  • Nicotine Patches, Gum and Inhalators

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