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Strawberries for Natural Health and Beauty

Updated on June 20, 2011

Natural Health and Beauty - Strawberries

Isn't it nice when you find natural treatments that are inexpensive, readily available and taste good all at the same time? Strawberries are just one of the many fruits offering alternative treatment cures and prevention. You can bolster your immunity and improve your well-being with this yummy berry.

So, what exactly do strawberries do for you? How are they a natural health and beauty aid? Read on.

Strawberries Deliver Vitamin C

If you are looking for a way to add more natural sources of Vitamin C to your diet, then fresh strawberries are a good choice.  You only need to eat one cup in order to get 136% of your recommended daily amount of the sunshine vitamin.  One cup of strawberries contain 15% more Vitamin C than an orange.

Strawberries Help You Lose Weight

Those same high levels of Vitamin C help the body slim down by encouraging fat toxins to leave the lymphatic system.  As a bonus, it also aids the body's synthesization of the carnitine compound.  Scientists at Tempe Arizona State University discovered that carnitine speeds the burning of fat by 25%.

Strawberries Help You Look Younger

Yes, these berries are great for your health and beauty is one of their benefits, as well.  They are a tasty part of your natural skin care.

Regular strawberry eating can protect your skin from sun damage by cutting the occurrence of age spots and freckles in half.  In order to get that level of protection, you need to incorporate strawberries into your daily diet for 4 weeks.

The ellagic acid in strawberries suppresses melanin, which causes your skin to darken when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Not only that but strawberries are a source of manganese, which speeds the regeneration of skin cells and helps to fade marks in the skin.

Strawberries Relieve Muscle Pain

Instead of popping an aspiring next time you have muscle pain, try this alternative treatment.  Eat a generous helping of yummy, fresh strawberries.  This delicious little fruit is loaded with anthocyanins, which inhibit the body from releasing compounds that over-sensitize your nerves.  They calm those painful nerves.

Strawberries Whiten Teeth

Again, this plump, juicy fruit can be used as a natural health and beauty product.  In this case, it's both at the same time.  You get 2-for-1.

You can increase your resistance to tooth decay by a whopping 33%, just by eating strawberries.  Rich in xylitol, the berries kill cavity-causing bacteria.  These little wonders also contain malic acid, which helps to dissolve surface stains and white teeth.

Enjoy fresh strawberries for natural health and beauty benefits
Enjoy fresh strawberries for natural health and beauty benefits

Choosing Your Berries for Natural Health and Beauty

Whether you eat strawberries for health or just for the sheer enjoyment of doing so, you may want to consider purchasing organic.  Conventionally grown berries tend to hold pesticide residue.  Some people think that the organic ones taste better, too.

© 2009 Shirley Anderson


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