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Stress-Manage your stress before It silently Kills you......

Updated on December 26, 2016

Stress is common these days.More people have stress either of job,nagging wife,children's future,making more money,etc etc.Stress comes silently and slowly and steadily grows into a silent killer.It clings on to you like a virus and makes you hollow and tiresome from within the result-you become dull,depressed,lifeless and broken.So what should be done?

The biggest stress a person has is either about making money or choosing a right life partner,failed marriage,disobedient children,The usual rut of life where you trade time for dollars.Yes Wise people know that time is more valuable than dollars.Would you like to spend the important years of your life working like a donkey under a boss making him rich instead you could spend more time with your children and see them grow up.So choose your career wisely.If too much competition -leave that field and start something new and exciting be adjustable as and when moments arive to you.Those who can adapt are always happy with life.They are like water which makes way for itself which no rock can stop it.With time the rock becomes sand but water keeps on flowing.

Now the root cause of stress-These are your expectations.When you expect more you tend to suffer more when they donot get fulfilled.So always have realistic goals you can achieve.Be ambitious But feet firmly on ground.If you are taking loans make sure that the EMI is around 15 percent of your net monthly income.So you wont feel the pinch of the loan.Always remember -Earn,Save,Invest and then spend.30 percent of the income should be invested in good mutual funds or shares.This is valuable in making wealth.

Now regarding your love life .You can choose any partner it doesn't matter.what matter is your attitude.If you do not expect anything from your partner and treats him or her like god or godessess then believe me you would never have a problem in your love life.You would be happy with anybody u get married to.And regarding your children-Always make them independent as soon as possible.

Besides the things i have mentioned above some more ways to manage your stress:

1)Always learn to follow type-b personality which involves taking one's time and doing things in thier unique style.

2)Practise Meditation techniques.Medition relaxes your mind and body so you feel fresh and rejuvenated all the time.

3)Control your weight,Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

4)Accept yourself as you are.No comparisons with others.

5)Regular exercise to keep you fit.


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