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A Healthy and Effective How to Study at Night Guide for Students (without almost getting tired and no coffee or redbulls

Updated on March 22, 2012

Dear reader,
in the following hub, you are going to read how to keep awake a whole night without getting tired (almost) and NOT using any coffee or energy drinks and how to handle the next day. So please pour away your coffee, energy drinks or whatsoever and follow my advice. The following is written by personal experience.

I know. As a student there are times where you have to make it through a night in order to finish an essay on conservatism or an interpretation of a French poem and so on. I went (and still am going) all this through and also like you I drank tons of coffee and red bulls. Yes, you are awake, but at some point your brain just doesn’t work properly and concentration sinks drastically. The next day, you feel very down and slow and following the lessons seems to be like an almost insurmountable obstacle. And if it’s not already enough, you are very irritable and the only thing you want is just to sleep.
I know. A student’s life isn’t easy always.

But I figured out a pretty practical and effective and even healthy (at least healthier than coffee and energy drinks) method how to overcome a night with marginal effort. At this point, I want to say that I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone as well as it works for me, but I advise you to just give it a go.

So what is now this magical thing? Actually, it’s nothing more than a nice orange juice. Yes, you read it right, but I have to explain my method more explicit:

What you are going to need is some food first. I recommend 2-3 good sandwiches. Then some cold water and as I already said lots and lots of juice! I prefer orange juice, but other work as well. It is important that there is a huge percentage of the natural fruit in it. Smoothies are highly recommended.

After you bought your supply, you can just go on learning. If you start to feel a bit tired just ignore it until you think “okay it’s getting pretty hard now”. Then it’s time to grip your magical juice and you can literally feel while you are still drinking how the effect starts and makes you immediately awake. Just take a sip from time to time and it will be all okay. And also every time you drank some juice you should also drink some cold water. At least equal the amount of the drunken juice. And if you start getting hungry then take a break and savor your sandwich. Back then when I was drinking energy drinks in order to keep awake I almost died because of the hunger. The hunger just comes so sneaking from behind and almost overwhelms you, doesn’t it? With this method you want have any problems to handle your sudden hunger.

And this is basically what you are going to do the whole night. Surely, this is no uber-method to have no problems making the night through. I, for my part, have also some “rather-unproductive-minutes” at night. But it definitely is much much more effective, healthy and beneficial to learn through a night instead of drinking coffee and red bulls or whatever.

The next day

Usually the next day is pretty tough, isn’t it? I have a solution for this case too. But you surely won’t be using 100% of your normal activity. But at least to make the day bearable and maybe even do some productive work I recommend you the following. Again this is from personal experience and in my case I was almost as productive as I would be with enough sleep.

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