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Subliminal Persuasion and The Whisper Subliminal

Updated on December 10, 2012

Subliminal Persuasion for Life Ehancements and Improvement

Subliminal persuasion has been used for many years. Some disreputedable movie owners used to splice in images of hamburgers and drink to persuade movie goers to eat and drink more when watching a movie. This is now been banned.

Yet subliminal persuasion in the form of audio recordings can be used to help people resolve long-standing issues such as confidence, stress and phobias to name a few.

The aime of this lens is to let you know more about what subliminal recordings are and then to introduce the idea of the whisper subliminal an innovation used extensively by the hypnoanalyst Duncan McColl.

What Are Whisper Subliminals & How To Use Them Effectively

What Are Whisper Subliminals & How To Get The Most From Them
By Steven Harold

A subliminal element is often included with self hypnosis cds and mp3s. In this article, I want to describe a special type of subliminal persuasion, namely the whisper subliminal.

Duncan McColl developed the idea of whisper subliminals in order to help a client in unusual circumstances. This is how he described them.

"I needed to meet an exceptional challenge in 1992 and produce an innovation in self-help recording therapy: Whisper Subliminal.

Quite simply... the musical 'screening' is removed and the high-speed subliminal message is recorded at low volume. In using the recording, the volume is turned down so that the whisper becomes inaudible. The subliminal message is then received and implemented by the subconscious control levels of mind to the precise degree that it is beneficial to whoever is within normal hearing range...

The whisper subliminal recording can be played at anytime, including while driving, reading or watching television. The beneficial influence is apparent immediately." Duncan McColl

There have been many studies over the years looking at subliminal persuasion and the best way of using this form of subconscious communication. Normally, as Duncan is quoted above, waves or music covers subliminal suggestions thus making them inaudible to the conscious mind. However the subconscious mind is much more aware and absorbs these consciously unheard suggestions.

The great benefit of a Whisper Subliminal recording is that you do not have to take time out to listen to it. You can just have it playing in the background and because the sound is turned down to below audibility it does not interfere with anything else you might be doing or concentrating on. It is a truly unique concept and a great asset to the person who wants to change but finds they have no time to do so.

To get the most from your whisper subliminal cd or mp3:-

1) Play then as often as you can

2) You can play them whilst watching TV or listening to the radio

3) Listen to them on your computer when in the office

Since the idea of the subliminal is that it by passes the subconscious mind, it means you can them even while you do other things. This makes subliminals great for busy people.

Steven A Harold


Self Hypnosis CDs - Subliminals

Self Hypnosis CDs - Subliminals
By Steven Harold

Sometimes, on a self hypnosis recording a subliminal element will be included to increase the power of that recording.

A subliminal element is something which according to Collins dictionary is "below the threshold of consciousness". In other words, the listener is not aware of it consciously but the subconscious can be aware of it.

Previously subliminal persuasion was used to induce people to take a certain action or have a desire. For instance there used to a be a practice, now banned, of splicing in a picture of a hot dog or hamburger during the playing of a film at a cinema. The people watching the film would get the thought of a hot dog or hamburger in their mind, think that they must be hungry and then go and buy one. This practice is no longer used.

With regard to the use of subliminal influence in self hypnosis cds, it is used for positive and beneficial purposes. Verbalized suggestions are included which are below the audible level of the listener's conscious mind but are picked up by the subconscious mind.

So a self confidence hypnosis cd may include subliminal suggestions such as "I am more confident.... I believe in myself etc". These subliminal suggestions can be incorporated in a recording of music. The conscious mind hears pleasant music and the subconscious hears the music and also the subliminal suggestions too.

As the subconscious is the powerful part of our mind, the subliminal suggestions reach the part that has the most influence on our behaviour.

Duncan McColl developed something even more powerful than the ordinary subliminal. This will be the subject of the next article.

Steven A. Harold


What is a subliminal message?

Subliminals were first reported to have been used in the cinema. Cinema owners who wanted to sell more food and drink, popcorn an coke, used to have images of these food items spliced into the film being watched.

The audience would be unaware that these images were being shown as they flashed through very quickly. However athough the members of the audience did not consciously notice these images of food and drink, subconsciously they had been made aware. This meant that they then started to think about getting something to eat and drink.

Such practices have now been banned in cinemas but it shows the power of subliminal communications.

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