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Successful people are never tired.

Updated on October 8, 2013

Little things count

If you are walking down the right path and willing to continue walking eventually you will make progress. Successful people are never tired.

Success comes from doing little things that seem so insignificant doing. that which many will not bother to do , because they are also very easy not to do. and not bothering to do them will not kill and will not bring any seemingly catastrophe. However doing these will make life and your business much better and eventually be the catalysis to your success and you becoming rich.

Let us look at the water Lily. It wanted to please its owner by making the pond the most beautiful pond in the community when it was placed there as a single plant in the vast pond, The owner wanted to be proud of his pond sitting right smack in the middle of his beautiful lawn.

The water Lilly knew that it would take 28 days to cover the entire pond but the owner did not know this. Having plan what promised to be the most exciting party to be held within the next twenty nine days he was anxious to see the pond completely covered for this party. Each morning he would go to the pond to see if it was covered and each time he was disappointed.

The water Lilly watched him every day as he came once, sometimes twice and each time he left with his face more sad than the time before when he saw only a few lilies sprinkled on the pond. However the Lilly smiled to itself and said. “I will show you that patience is a virtue and that Rome was not built in a day. I only want the strength enough to make one small step each day. My God I am going to cover this pond for your party”.

So the Lilly continued to do what it knew was best ,sending out new small inconsequential sprouts under water forming the most intricate network one could every think of with just a few lilies popping up on the surface here and there. The owner got more discourage than ever for having read that lilies can cover the entire pond in a very short time he had boast to his many friends about his beautiful Lilly covered pond.

As the days galloped quickly, speeding away he started to really feel bad and wondered what story he could possible concoct to explain what happened to his Lilly covered pond .The Lilly smiled to itself and continued to do what it knows was best.

Then came the 29th the day the day of the party. The owner slowly rising out of bed, thought to himself “ it took 28 days for nothing to happening. I wouldn’t even go out there this morning to see that pond” so he continues to lazed in bed. He said “Everything is going well as planned everything is in place, only that dammed water Lilly is going to spoil my party and make me seem a liar.

A few guest came in late the night before he was glad they had came in late .He knew they would have rushed to the pond right away and he would be so embarrassed. He knew. He must have a story for them this morning and that made it even more difficult to get out of bed.

. Unknown to him one of his guest got up early and head to the pond. On reaching he burst out on top of his voice “oh my God. Fearing some thing had gone wrong the owner and a few guest rushed to where the voice came from only to see the guest transfixed looking at the pond as he whispered in awe “what a beauty.

All eyes turned to the pond the owner was so surprised to see the whole pond was blanket by the water Lilly. He was as surprise as the others he stood staring pretending to be proud , but he couldn’t say a word.

Action Boys doing one of their stunts. Lots and lots of practice
Action Boys doing one of their stunts. Lots and lots of practice

Sometimes you have your dreams and you try hard to make them come through but it seems as if you are only wasting your time and resources. May be you are trying to do everything at once and you are not financially or emotionally equip to go that way.

When you reach this point stop. Take a look at that which you hope to achieve. Look at the resources available, be it human, finances, time, machinery etc.. Find what steps you must continue doing to move you towards your dreams, is it money, save more or find a financial organization or join a partner, Is it time shed some un -necessary duties. Is it Knowledge get educated, human energy such as individuals who badly need the jobs you are offering and be willing to share. Develop a good relationship. Is it mechanical you may need a loan to purchase them. You can invite your family to participate by offering shares for life cash.

Set achievable goals and set a time limit . if you have no time limit on your dream it may remain unachievable .Keep on taking the small step to lead your in the direction of achieving your dream such as telling someone ,give a card send a letter, put your self at the right spot where you will meet people talk about it give demos. But keep on going keep on doing, Remember if you keep on walking in the right path you must make progress .

The question then comes, how do I know it is the right path?. Well If what you are doing is of service to humanity, If it makes people happy , if it solve people’s problems ,if it makes people feel well and good within themselves, if it makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself then go for it you will eventually live by it.

Some morel helpful literature

The Slight Edge

Tlhe slight edge video explain how using the book

about and implementing what is in the book can

increase your sale and push your business to the

next level and move your business exponentially.

1. Have a goal in mind

2. Make it be an achievable go and set a time limit

3.Plan strategies how you will achieve

4. make sure every day no matter how small do something to reach that goal.

5. do not be afraid to ask for help

6. Never forget to evaluate to see if you are doing well

Do you think President Obama is using the present health insurance issue that causes the USA to shut down to measure himself as a successful president?

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