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Surfing Meditation

Updated on November 18, 2009

Good Transitions

Vitalizing Transitioning

Take your attention into your body and breath deep into a soft belly.

Breathe deep and imagine you are on a surf board, moving through the waves.

Notice what it’s like the way your body is supported by the board.

Notice too, where the wet sea has moistened your skin.

Breathe in the exhilaration of the forces around you - and notice how your body responds.

As you move along now, buoyed by the force of the water, imagine yourself being washed clean of all traces of the land, blown back to shore, where you can return to revisit as you choose…

And responding to the momentum building beneath you, feel yourself in this moment now… the force of life coursing through you, orienting you as you respond with your fluid strength, exerting a kind of masterful balance that comes through open receptivity to the power surrounding you and demanding your full attention in a supple way.

And notice what it’s like as you to move into and through this wave of motion, thrusting you forward, as it cradles you, and enlivens you.

Feel the exhilaration of the force of life moving through you, the graceful strength with which you maintain your integrity, efforting in an effortless way, surrendering to the power pulling you forward through this vortex of exhilaration… steady, strong, vitally alive…

So alert, aware and awake to the signals that guide your responsive adjustments which allow you to continue moving steadily through, until you come round to a new shore, awaiting your presence, basking in radiance of the glory of your success, your mastery, your vitality, that strengthens and nourishes all who behold the power of your beauty.

And finding your feet on this new shore, breathe in your own nature, grounded in your body, ready to respond to all you encounter.

And with your eyes open, notice the details around you leaving behind all that no longer vitalizes you; embracing a new landscape with a readiness that animates love.


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