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Taking Life for Granted

Updated on March 30, 2022
Smell the Beauty Around You
Smell the Beauty Around You
See the Beauty Around You
See the Beauty Around You

We are human. It is our nature to always want things. Then, once you have them, you get bored and start to want more things. I call this taking things for granted. Think about it for just a minute. Remember, when you were younger, how much you wanted to drive? You could not wait until you were 16 years old and could get a license. Fast forward to today. Are you still excited about driving, or do you take it for granted? How many other things do you take for granted?

Let’s see if this article will jog your memory>>>>>

Things People Take for Granted.

Their Health

Their Relationships

Their Eyesight

Their Sense of Smell

Their Sense of Taste

Their Sense of Hearing

Their Hands and Fingers

Their Ability to Walk

Their Ability to Talk

Their Ability to Think

See what I mean? I just started listing things and ten things popped into my head and that just begins to describe our senses and mobility. There are literally thousands of things that we take for granted.

Motre to be grateful for

Do you still have both parents alive? Do you think of them often and how they did their best to raise you? If you do, how often do you see them or call them. Do you end each conversation with I love you?

Do you have children? Are they healthy? Do they have friends? Are they doing good in school? Do they come to you for advice and tell you about their problems? If so, cherish this. You have a great relationship.

How about freedom of speech? We can say anything we want if we do not intentionally hurt another. We can worship our own God, and have freedom to choose our religion. We have food that we do not have to grow ourselves or hunt down. It’s all conveniently located at a grocery store. We have beautiful movie theaters, amusement parks, concert venues, museums and sports teams in place just for our entertainment. We can take a walk without thinking about if we will be safe. We have cell phones with marvelous capacity to do anything electronic. Help is always just a phone call away.

We have a beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. We have plants, trees, grass and flowers to marvel at. We have nice homes occupied by only one family. There are countries that do not enjoy that luxury. We have banks to help manage our money and that provide loans for high expense items. We have qualified doctors and nurses for when we get sick. We have clinics, nursing homes and hospitals for when we are more seriously in need of medical attention.

In conclusion

We need to learn not to take things for granted. This article barely begins to look at things we take for granted. You know that there are things that you will think of that I have not written about in this article. The point is simple. Live life to the fullest. Cherish each day.

Hug you spouse, children, parents or significant others and tell them how much you love them. Be grateful for what you have instead of being bitter about what you don’t have.

Life is what you make it. Make it pleasant and enjoy . Or, do you still take things for granted?


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