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Best Tips on how to tell you are pregnant

Updated on May 7, 2015

Tips on How to tell you are pregnant

Getting to know that you are pregnant when it is still early will give you a very good time to plan and make various decisions. It is therefore important for a woman to know how to tell she is pregnant in order to make the necessary preparations. Many women I have seen get fears that they are pregnant where as others get so excited only to find out that they are not pregnant. I have presented below some of the common symptoms of pregnancy which a woman can use to discover whether they are pregnant or not.

Dizziness and tiredness

Many women who get pregnant will experience frequent spells of dizziness and tiredness, therefore, if a few days after sex you begin to fell dizzy most of the time, you can begin to suspect that you are pregnant. However, you should be true to your self, if you last had sex many months ago and you begin feeling dizzy, it will be absurd for you to think that you are pregnant.

Loss of appetite

This is also another common sign of pregnancy among women, many women loss appetite immediately they conceive though they gain it back latter in pregnancy. Women who loose appetite a few days after sex are advised to carry out a pregnancy test to ascertain whether they are pregnant.


Most women who become pregnant will experience this, though not all who get pregnant will vomit, vomiting has remained a primary sign for pregnant women. Therefore, if you discover that you are over spitting days after sex, you should go for a pregnancy test to ascertain because higher chances will e that you are pregnant.


Many women who get pregnant will begin to over spit saliva, for some reasons women who get pregnant will not want swallow their saliva and they will always prefer to spit. It should e noted that this is not general for every women though if you find your self over spitting a few days after sex, then begin to suspect pregnancy.

It is also important to note that the signs of pregnancy mentioned above are not universal, not all women who get pregnant will vomit, or spit or loose appetite, however, they are the common signs most women can use to tell if they are pregnant.  The best way to ascertain that you are pregnant will be to visit a qualified doctor for a pregnancy test. Those pregnancy tests normally do not lie.


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