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Updated on March 8, 2014


Ever since I stopped working, my reading habit came back. I read and I write. I think it is better than bottling up in my mind. Gratitude...

When is the last time you said you are grateful to someone?

Me? It's my last job.. How about you?

Being grateful is one of the key to success. I used to being grateful but life getting more and more stressful, I forget about it. Maybe it's time to really think about the people around us. Friends, family, colleagues, subordinates, teachers and the list just goes on. We should be grateful to everyone and even your foes. Without everyone in our life chapter, we will never be who we are now.

When too many problems in life, we tend to complain and grumble. Maybe change our mindset, be thankful to all these problems, it made us learned to grow up and learned from mistakes. When we are grateful to our parents, we will be filial to them. When we are grateful for the job we have, we will do our best. When we are grateful to our friends, we appreciate and cherish them.

Nelson Mandela

A short story of Nelson Mandela.

He is one of the great political leaders of our time. He began a twenty-seven year stay in prison in 1962 for his opposition to apartheid. Most of his confinement was spent during hard labor at the notorious Robben Island maximum-security prison and released in February 1990.

"I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place my life in your hands."

On his release from prison, 11 February 1990. He expressed no bitterness towards his tormentors. Nobody knew that , in 1994 he was elected as South Africa's first black president. 'We can neither heal nor build,' said Mandela in his opening speech to parliament, 'with the victims of past injustices forgiving and the beneficiaries merely content in gratitude.'

In the Robben Island, tormentors had trained him for his discipline and tolerance, and continued fighting. If he haven't been to Robben Island, he would not what he is now. Gratitude.

The richest man in town

Another story..

I read this book on "The richest man in town."

The story about cashier at Wal-mart. His name is Marty, an affable-looking man in his seventies. To every customer that came to his line, he was genuine. He listened to everyone in the line. When every customer left, he gave a firm handshake. He loved his job. Everyone came in Wal-mart, had been touched by his simple gesture. No one was a stranger in his line, merely a friend waiting.

Just a simple gratitude, he touches everyone in a small town of Tracy, Minesota. You don't have to say out loud you are grateful, it could be just a smile, a handshake or even a hug. It is not just gratitude, it is the key to success. Marty just did a simple thing and he had taught us, 'thankful to your job, relationships matter most in life, no matter who you are, try to do a little more and it is you that make you happy.'


Be thankful to friends when they are there for you.

Be thankful to the pain when you experience love and happiness.

Be grateful to your tears, it's your tears that made you stronger.

Be grateful to your failure, that's when you experience your first success.

Even when is your last breathe, thanks god for the life you have gone through.

Be grateful with what we have, inner peace is what we gain, experience happiness is what we get and unknown surprises will be waiting for us.

© 2008 plentyoftots


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