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The Benefits of Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Updated on January 4, 2016

Bath Salts

How To Make Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

The use of bath salts is fast increasing such that you can find a lot of them currently in the market. There are two main reasons why people love to use bath salts as part of their daily bath routine: first, it helps to achieve a smoother and softer skin sensation, and second, it makes your bathing experience much more relaxing and soothing to your entire body. But when you introduce essential oils to the formula, then you can possibly enjoy several of the benefits of aromatherapy bath salts.

But that is not the end of the list of benefits to using bath salts. You can also make your own personal recipes that will produce various effects on the body, depending on the type of oil used. To learn more about how you can enhance this experience, read further below for more details.

Adding Essential Oils to Bath Salts

Making Aromatherapy Products : Making Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Basic Aromatherapy Bath Salt Recipe

Although you can easily buy them off your local department store or shop, it is actually very easy to prepare your own aromatherapy bath salt recipe. As long as you have prepared all the ingredients you need, then you are good to go. Speaking of ingredients, you need to start this off by gathering together the ingredients you need for preparing your aromatherapy bath salt. These include the following: mixture of baking soda, bath salt, essential oil or oils, and optional ingredients such as coloring and glycerin.

Pour the bath salt into a large mixing bowl. At this point, you can add in all the other ingredients such as essential oil and the coloring, if any. Use your hands to thoroughly incorporate all ingredients and allow the fragrance from the oil to be completely absorbed into the salt. Wait for the mixture to completely dry by spreading it onto a plain sheet where it is spread as thinly as possible. Make sure that the mixture is totally dry before you attempt to use it or place in a container.

When you are ready to use the aromatherapy bath salt mixture, simply pour it into a tub full of water and mix evenly. Once the salt is completely dissolved, you can soak your body into that water for several minutes to acquire the benefits of your aromatherapy bath experience.

Colored Bath Salts

Making Aromatherapy Products : Using Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Make Scented Bath Salts

Colored Bath Salts with Janice Cox

Best Types of Salts Recommended

When it comes to creating a recipe for aromatherapy bath salt, Dead Sea Salt is the most common type of salt used. Dead Sea Salt is known to contain several healing elements and 80 percent of individuals who used it have enjoyed effective therapeutic benefits. However, there are several other excellent choices too that would make great alternative for your bath salt recipe, in case Dead Sea Salt is not available.

If you want to learn more about which salts are best recommended for a bath salt recipe, find out more below and why:

  • Epsom Salt: This is the second most popular choice of bath salt to use, next to Dead Sea Salt. It is characterized by a white, clean, and sparkling surface, while being a good source of magnesium sulfate. This is a great for a healing bath experience since this particular salt is known to relieve several types of pains and aches, while it helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Sea Salt: Because sea salt is easily accessible and is comparably cheaper than other types of salts used in aromatherapy bath salt, it is a famous choice for a bath salt recipe. There are also several choices in terms of type of grain, such as coarse, small, and medium ones.
  • European Spa Salt: This type of salt is rich in sodium chloride but because it is harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, it is a bit too pricey as compared to other salt options.
  • Solar Salt: This type of salt is used only for complementary bath salt recipes and is not often used for regular bath salts due to its large size that could take some time to completely dissolve.
  • Black Sea Pink Salt: Another type of luxury salt, this is a common choice for those who want to enjoy bath salts for its therapeutic effect. Indeed, the Black Sea Pink Salt is known to produce such benefits as curing eczema, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis, muscle strain, and many more. If you want to enhance the quality of your skin condition, this is also something that is worth a try.
  • Pickling Salt: The size of the Pickling Salt is somewhat similar to that of table salt, but comparably larger in size.
  • Icelandic Brine Salt: Here is another option that you can try if you want to enjoy skin-enhancing benefits from your aromatherapy bath salt. It is also great to use on people with sensitive skin or on babies.
  • Dendritic Salt: This is mostly sold in crystalline form and easily dissolves when placed in water. Its ability to retain scent over a longer period of time is one reason why it is being considered for aromatherapy bath salt recipes.

Spa Bath With Salts

Valentines Day Gift Idea! Homemade Bath Salts Tutorial

How Does Essential Oil Enhance Your Bath Salt Experience?

The idea of bathing at the end of an exhausting day is truly something that most people look forward to. But you can take that a step further by using essentila oils for your bath salt recipe to enjoy a bathing experience unlike no other.

If you want to learn about the benefits of using aromatherapy bath salt, then you can find out more of them below:

*Aside from relaxing your physical body, the ability to inhale the essences from the oil as the steam releases it into the air provides mental and emotional relaxation to an individual. This also explains why a lot of people enjoy bath salt after an exhausting day since it provides their body with the opportunity to re-energize.
*Aside from dispersing essences that you can inhale, the aroma eventually fills up the entire room. Hence, it acts as a natural air freshener that effectively alters your mood.
*You can enjoy several different emotional and mental impact from the use of essential oils into your bath salt recipe. It can either relax your mind, boost energy into your body, or create a stimulating effect.
*Aromatherapy bath salts also make wonderful gift items and is a great way to show someone how you truly care for them.


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