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The Benefits of Joining Yoga Retreats

Updated on December 27, 2015

Yoga Holiday retreat Burren Yoga Centre Ireland

What is a Yoga Retreat?

Yoga retreats, or yoga holidays, as some would call it is an extraordinary experience that yogis could have. If you’ve been wanting to dedicate yourself into practicing yoga but believe that your everyday hectic schedule does not permit you to, why not join a yoga retreat?

Depending on the package you bought, yoga retreats could typically last for 7 days or for several weeks. It will also determine the facilities you are able to enjoy or use while on this retreat. Hence, it provides you with the opportunity to stay away from home and go on a vacation somewhere far away from the metropolitan area and truly dedicate yourself into the learning and practice of yoga.

This is the latest trend in yoga wherein a participant is able to acquire several profound benefits as compared to joining a few hours of yoga sessions or classes. Therefore, you need to be meticulous when choosing the teacher and yoga retreat program you opt to join in to gain optimum benefits.

Yoga Retreat Isla Mujeres Mexico, 2006

More Engaged Yoga Session

Typical yoga classes or sessions last between 1 to 2 hours. Hence, it is not as intensive or deliberate in its approach as compared to the ones held in yoga retreats. Therefore, newbies to yoga can opt to join yoga retreats for a more guided and elaborate approach at learning yoga.

Prior to arriving at your yoga retreat facility, the instructors have already setup a schedule of activities to facilitate in a deeper yoga experience. Majority of your activities will be related or helpful in yoga but there are also ancillary activities that enable you to do whatever you want to enjoy your time out there in the facility.

Most yoga sessions are done in the morning, in the afternoon, or during the evening. Here, you are taught advanced yoga methods and techniques that you can use for a more effective practice. In other times, your yoga instructor will even use prayers or chantings to facilitate during yoga meditative state. Each session is held either outdoors or indoors, but all suit the kind of atmosphere necessary for yoga.

Acquiring Integral Yoga

Integral yoga is just one of several yoga techniques taught to students during a yoga retreat. However, this one is probably the most beneficial and important that you’d ever learn. The objective for teaching integral yoga is to create a broader perspective in thoughts or emotion. Eventually, it allows the student to open up a new consciousness that will affect a person’s view of reality and realize the existence of a cosmic being or divine power as governing everything that exists in the world.

Hence, it is responsible for teaching you about the broader aspects of the yoga discipline, apart from merely being a physical exercise that improves one’s health and fitness. It is closely associated with another form of yoga, known as Purna Yoga that literally stands Complete Yoga of Life.

Dru Yoga Retreat Italy September 2009

More Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of yoga cannot be denied. In fact, it is even recognized by modern medicine as a complementary treatment and alternative medicine. However, yoga has a specific belief on why diseases occur. They believe that the human body consists of energy channel and life force. Any form of blockages in these life forces could result in the formation of diseases. The performance of yoga exercises and meditation are therefore meant to “correct” or “restore” these functions instead of actually treating them.

In yoga retreats, you will get the chance to go further than just performing yoga exercises for physical enhancement or other fitness benefits. It is done to provide you with a better understanding on the effect of each yoga position in the body and its functions.

Thailand yoga retreat

Semperviva Yoga Retreat - Galiano Island, BC

Advanced Learning of Yoga

If you want to gain an advanced knowledge of yoga techniques, then joining a yoga retreat is the best place to gain additional skills. These advanced yoga methods come in two forms: physical and mental.

In the physical aspect, yoga retreat will teach you modified and modern yoga methods and styles. Most of these yoga forms are intended to produce more specific and personalized approach to suit the individual needs of yogis.

Mentally speaking, newer meditation and breathing techniques are innovated to advance your mental skills. Opening up a new level of awareness and consciousness is important for attaining overall success during yoga practice.

Meeting Other Yoga Enthusiasts

Contrary to popular belief that yoga is an individualistic practice, yoga retreat allows you the opportunity to enhance the social aspect of yoga. This program will allow you to meet other fellow yoga enthusiasts and engage in socialization.

In fact, there are ancillary activities that are scheduled for participating yogis to perform during their “free time”, which means those times wherein they are not engaged in yoga classes. Participating members basically have the choice on what activities they want to do, such as swimming in the pool, engaging in their choice of sporting activity, hiking, or other activities that are allowed in the area where the yoga retreat is to be held.

The Power of Relaxation at a Yoga Retreat #234

Taking Some Time Off

Yoga retreat isn’t called yoga holiday for nothing. Hence, this program allows you to bask in the serene atmosphere of the specific area of yoga retreat so you can be close with nature or just have some time for relaxing. Nothing could be better for your soul than some time with nature and doing the things you enjoy without having to worry about work and other social responsibilities.

Rediscovering Yourself

This is one of the biggest reasons why most individuals decide to join in a yoga retreat. All activities that are done while under the program are intended for you to practice yoga in a deeper and more spiritual level. There are equal opportunities for you to perform yoga exercises and meditation to develop a new dimension of internal consciousness.

Plus, the closeness to nature and having the time to yourself provides you with the opportunity to re-examine your motivations, goals, and beliefs in life to be re-acquainted with yourself.

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