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the best ab workouts to do at home

Updated on November 5, 2012

home Ab workout

Best exercises for your abs that you can do at home

Abs are an extremely stubborn muscle group. They need to be worked on often because they muscle groups recover quickly. This means there doesn't need to be a rest period when it comes to working out the abs. Now the idea of constantly going to the gym and working your core seems like a real hassle. In order to maintain work out to your abs I feel it is necessary to have a home gym workout that will target your abs. This will make it so you can spend direct time working out at home and give yourself a break from the monotony that is the gym.

Now the first exercise you will do is going to be a crunch. This means with your legs up you are going to do two sets of 30-50 depending on your ability. When you crunch you move your head slightly up and tighten your upper abs. Once you have completed this we will move onto step two.

The next workout you are going to do is a twist ab workout. your legs stay up and you touch the side of the floor adjacent your body. I'll try to explain this one through a picture. This will work your sides known as your obliques. 30-50 each side 2 sets

The exercise you will do will be leg raises. It is preferred that the leg raises will be preformed on a bed or couch with you legs going lower then your body and the up straight up. This way your lower abs get a full range of motion. 30-50 3 sets

Your next exercise will be kicking sit up. What your going to do is kick your legs out like your on a bicycle and touch your elbows to your knees. 30-50 2 set

Your final work out will putting your legs straight up in the air and let them fall from side to side. This will work your lower abs and obliques.

Once you have completed these exercises you will feel as if you went to the gym but never left the house. Your sense of accomplishment will be no different then if you had spent the same time in the gym. The great thing about this is it gives you a few different exercises to do that you might not use if you were at the gym. Enjoy this workout and try to get in the mode of doing this on your rest days. If anyone needs help with the motions or would feels they need a video, ask and I will make one for you.

Ab exercise picture guide



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