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the best things to eat after working out

Updated on November 4, 2012

Chicken Breast

the best food for a post workout

There are many meals to eat after a workout and there are many different times to workout. I'll start with a morning meal, then a lunch meal and a final dinner meal. Now If you are someone who gets up early in the morning and enjoys getting there workout out of the way you will need a breakfast type meal. The best part of your main meal is going to be egg whites. Now you can buy these as a liquid at any store and you will cook them on a frying pan as you would regular eggs. Now in order to fill yourself I think it is important to have a banana and also if that doesn't fill you have a wholewheat pancake.

Now lunch is a different meal type. Here Turkey should be a main course. Sliced style turkey would be a perfect meal for the afternoon. After a workout it contains an extreme amount of protein and it gives the body what it needs in order to repair. Once you've ingested protein it is optional to take in a certain amount of carbohydrates. If you feel it is necessary make sure it is whole wheat. A vegetable like spinach would be good to eat during lunch.

Dinner is the final meal to discuss. It is time for something like a few cooked chicken breast. This will be that protein intake you need for the late night recovery. Brown rice would be a great side to eat or possibly some whole wheat pasta. After that you should either eat some spinach or broccoli with your meal.

These are the different foods you should eat after a workout.

Healthy sides

Brown rice much healthier then white rice.
Brown rice much healthier then white rice.
Spinach an extremely healthy side
Spinach an extremely healthy side


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