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the effects of growing older on the body

Updated on March 13, 2017

The effects of getting older start sooner than we think

I thought growing up and getting older meant making it to 45. Then maybe 60. I had watched my grandparents and their old age take its effect. My parents it was the same way. I never thought somehow that it would happen to me.

Well the ailments started early in my case. I knew what to expect. The Asthma came as a surprise. Doctor didn't give me any advice and told me I would learn as I went along. Learned that I would be short of breath but didn't tell me what to eat and not eat.

Cataracts were something to look forward too. Both my mother and grandmother and great grandmother had had them so no way around that. I thought I would be blind before someone was going to do the barbaric things I was told they did to your eyes so you could see again. Just knew I would be blind..

Everyone gets high blood pressure. Mine the high pulse rate started at 21 and nothing ever done to bring it down. Now the damage is done. Found out recently that I had scaring from a heart attack no one ever told me I had. Lots of things go wrong with the heart over time. Had three EKGS while in the hospital and none of them showed the same thing. I was sent home on a blood pressure pill and told to resume my normal life.

Being allergic to milk keeps my cholesterol low. Hard on bones though. degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and all the full pain that doctor says he won't prescribe any medication because it will interfere with the meds keeping you alive.

I have heard so many people call this time of life our golden years. The only golden years is the doctor gets the gold.

I think the generation that we are better tell the next generation that if they think life sucks now that life hasn't even started on them yet. I mean they eat more fast food than our generation. There is going to be so much wrong with them that I could almost say I feel sorry for them.

The younger generation has it easy. Us when we were young we had to use our brains to figure math; not anymore. Calculators do the work. I have seen cashiers in stores that if the machine didn't do the figuring we wouldn't never get anything done. Computers are so common. What will the younger generation do if something happens and there is no computers, no calculators and no electricity?


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