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the last smell after the rose has passed

Updated on May 31, 2011
My youngest and happest
My youngest and happest | Source
My oldest and smartest
My oldest and smartest | Source
The love of my life
The love of my life | Source


How we keep from worrying so much.

Good morning all, again another day is passing. Its morning in our sleepy little north Georgia town, the court house is pretty much empty. I’m playing on the computer and occasionally processing some of the town’s people through the metal detector.

The longer I set here the more I’m reminded of my health issues. That’s the sad part of getting sick with something we have no control over, how do we perform in our job. My job is pretty simple these days I just let people in and out all day. I have been very lucky so far my past reputation as a law man has preceded me. That makes my job a little bit easier and without problems.

Like so many people before me and after a big health issue its a little rough assimilating back into the work force. I have a very different outlook on life these days, just happy to be alive and kicking. After a life time of either saving people from car accidents or just a routine arrest for some poor slob whose time is up, we adjust to our lives with a set of new eyes and mindset that has been changed forever.

I have been told by my doctor that I now have a virus. Just when the coast seemed clear and I ‘am about to open a new business my energy level seems to be in the drink. It’s called the BK virus; this is a virus that we all have in our body and only when we lose our immune system after a transplant does this virus try to come alive.

This is only another step that we must overcome before me and my wife can go fishing in Alaska again.

Our life, me and my wife Jane have had a few good times in our lives, A disaster or two and sad times that prepared us for the rest of our lives.  But most of all what kind of a life would we have had if we just sat at the dinner table and never had kids or grand kids to fulfill our life with joy and the growing up of two little boys into men.

There are no blue prints on our life only that we live it and learn from it, fore the best parts that are yet to come. No matter how sick I may become I find a new spark in the eyes of the young man I call Gage, my youngest grandson he’s almost two now. He makes every day seem so special for me like I’m the only one in the world to him. I believe that we have done the best thing by the actions of my other grandson Camden.  Camden is a bright young man seven years old with an attitude and an education to match. Camden is just going into the third grade this next year and probably knows almost as much book learning as I had by the time I entered high school. I’m so proud of him and all the new chances he will have in his life to be greater than his old grand dad. Unlike my life I never knew my grand dad on either side and barely knew my real dad.  

Yes I’m just setting and typing away on the computer while the county emergency services is driving  by heading to some kind of call where someone is has been injured or just sick. To this family the process starts over and the wondering of a loved one never ends.  

Those of us who finely see life for all the right reasons and can talk about it, or write about it, life is grand!   So you see if we worry every minute of our lives we will miss out on the precious moments of time we have here on earth with the people that mean the most.  

To my sister in law in Alaska who is not feeling well herself, we will make it one way or the other  when it comes to fishing.             

                         Have a great day



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