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Should We Blindly Vaccinate our Children and Ourselves

Updated on September 8, 2018

Vaccinations contain poison - but I'm not against them

For the record: I am not against vaccinations! As any concerned parent and luckily living in a country where vaccinations are available, I have vaccinated my son and despite other health issues he encountered, I was spared from polio, diphtheria, tetanus etc. And when travelling to countries that required extra vaccinations, I obviously checked with my local health service what was advised and acted upon this. But when I hear my 17-year-old son getting quite angry over the growing trend of not vaccinating children, I seriously start wondering if the next generation is critical enough towards this part of medical care. As he stated “mom, it’s ridiculous people go against science and endanger other children by spreading diseases that can be prevented!”.

I understand his mind-set but decided to ask him, if he knows how much money the pharmaceutical industry is making. And if maybe it could be a possibility that they are very willing to promote vaccinations despite the risks for their own profit. His answer was that if it (vaccinations) was scientifically proven, there’s no doubt. Thus, I gave him the example of sugar (which was known to be extremely unhealthy but factories simple hid the research results) and cigarettes, once promoted at even medical conventions not to mention advertised with doctors stating it was good for our health?


3.1 Billion in Revenues for the Pharmaceutical Companies

Vaccinations are lucrative, very lucrative!

Is each vaccination really useful?

After Googling a bit about the topic, I read that it is estimated the vaccine market already in 2014 was already at $24 billion, leading to 3.1 billion in revenues for the pharmaceutical companies. I presume this is a good enough reason to promote vaccination even though in certain cases we do not really need a specific vaccination?

On visiting our doctor some 2 years ago, he took a quick peak at our files and asked why on earth we are not taking an influenza vaccination. My answer was that II honestly believe my body should be allowed to be sick sometimes and cope with the flu. True, it’s not pleasant and true, I will be at home from work for a few days. But aren’t we trying to prevent too much by choosing the easy way out and by that weakening our bodies to handle it?

Mad as a hatter

Mercury has been linked to neurological impairments


Ever heard of Mercury Poisoning?

Before vaccinating our children or ourselves, do we know which substances are in the vaccination we are having injected? There are quite a few worry-some ingredients in vaccinations such as polymyxin, beta-propiolactone, formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal, polysorbate 80, and neomycin. All these ingredients are toxic but even worse, many are known to be carcinogens. In fact, pregnant women are strongly advised to refrain from eating too much seafood as it contains lots of mercury, but on the other hand these same pregnant women will be advised to take a mercury containing flu shot. Fact is that mercury is 500 to 1,000 times more toxic than lead is!

Mercury poisoning is known to have caused insanity amongst those making fur hats as mercury was used to make once very popular product. The expression “mad as a hatter” has its source in mercury, which has been linked to several neurological impairments such as ADHD, autism and other learning disabilities.

All these scary facts should push the pharmaceutical industry into developing these same vaccinations with different, safer ingredients if indeed they really want to be a benefit for the public health. And us, as consumers should always remain critical to what we are being injected with.

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