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The Importance of Good Personal Appearance

Updated on February 1, 2016

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance

First impressions

We know that first impression counts. It may determine if you will get the job or who will be your friends. Your appearance says a lot about you. It's the first thing people see. We may not like it but we all draw conclusions from others appearance. It gives us a glimpse on a persons way of life.

Things You’ll Need:

  • meditate
  • Water
  • soap
  • good detergent
  • deoderant

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance


The Importance of Good Personal Appearance


If you are well-groomed others will conclude that you have self-respect and respect for others and will be incline to listen to what you have to say. Today fashion is a big thing. We aren't talking about expensive clothing or extravagant styles. Actually this may attract the wrong crowed. We are talking about wearing the right thing for the right occasion.

It would be a good thing to ask this questions before you walk out the door. Is everything clean? Do I reflect modesty and good judgment? Is all well arranged? Is my hair clean and neat? Is there anything that may give a bad idea? Will my appearance offend someone were I'm going?

It doesn't work when you are dress all fancy and have a bad smell. You will not get a job with does brand new jeans that are 3 sizes bigger than you. You will not make your boyfriend any favors by showing up for the first time to meet his parent in a short, low cut see-through dress and tons of makeup. Get the point?

Posture is something most don't think as having anything to do with personal appearance. Not everyone is the same. Good posture conveys a sense of dignity and optimism or it can give a indifferent or apologetic appearance. Today many work in a stooped position. In school we also get to carry this heavy bags of books that are just messing up our posture. This should be something for all to work on.

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance

Skin Care
Skin Care

Skin Type

Skin Care also has a lot to do with your over all appearance.

There are three basic skin types: dry, oily, and normal/combination. Yet, your skin type may change by season, climate, and hormonal changes. What is your skin type? What should I use for my skin type?

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance

Things You’ll Need:

  • mirror
  • wash cloth
  • astringents
  • mild soap
  • foaming cleanser
  • milky cleanser with emollient
  • moisturizing bar

Dry Skin

DRY SKIN - You have dry skin if you have barely noticeable pores. You experience flaking during fall and winter months. There is no visible oil and your skin feels tight after washing your face.
What to do? During fall and winter cleanse with rich milky cleanser with emollient. During summer and spring use lighter milky cleanser or a moisturizing bar. Use mild, alcohol-free toner or freshener. If your skin is super dry use either rinseable cleaning cream or one you tissue off.

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance

Oily Skin

OILY SKIN - Even after cleaning, your face looks shiny or greasy. It easily breaks out. What to do? During fall and winter months wash with glycerin soap, oil balancing soap, or foaming cleanser. During spring and summer months use mild soap, an astringent containing salicylic acid, and oil-blotting tissues. Cleanse two to three times a day.

Normal/Combination Skin

NORMAL/COMBINATION SKIN - Usually the face is drier at the cheeks, but oily in the T-zone. What to do? During fall and winter months cleanse twice a day with milky cleanser or a mild, non-soap cleansing bar. During spring and summer use glycerin soap and mild toner, but switch to astringent during hot during hot weather.

The Importance of Good Personal Appearance


  • Dull, tired, complexion? Mix 3oz of strong chamomile tea, 3 oz or 99% aloe vera gel and 3 oz of witch-hazel. Pour in a container, shake, refrigerate, then apply to skin. Very refreshing to your skin.


We all want to make a statement with others. Personal appearence is one way to do so. Lets keep these tips in mind. We want to make a positive statement something others will remember us by. Let that not be your bad smell or bad posture.

Do you look at yourself in the mirror before you leave your home?

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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      7 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      It is amazing what our personal appearance says about us. We are a walking statement of our own beliefs and attitudes. No matter how we want to think otherwise! Thanks for the reminder!


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