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times when nurses go to war

Updated on April 7, 2011


          I do not think that these are the times when nurses need to hang up their heads and begin to think, weep and wail . I don’t think these are the times when people feel unfortunate for being a nursing student or professional . I do not think these are the times when people should be down and depressed as touching the crises in our universities . I do not think these are the times when nurses should speak against the day they came into the nursing profession . I do not think these are the times that nurses should think they have not got time enough for their studies (if that is true) and begin to strategize for new me thods. I do not think these are the times that students should blame lecturers for mass failure (yes they have their own blame) . I do not think these are the times to plan for ceaseless reading vigil (yes you must read).

           On the contrary, I do not think these are the times to sit back and watch , I do not think these are the times to neglect bible studies , I do not think these are the times to neglect prayers and disregard God . I do not think these are the times to threaten God or yourself . I do not think these are the times to rain curses on yourselves, lecturers or the profession . I do not think these are the times to neglect God’s place of worship to face other serious things but what do I think? You may ask.

I don't think we should do this

The nursing story in the book of books

          If you are like me that has always asked the questions of why , Why God could permit the Israelites to be captives in Egypt for 400yrs and even spent 30yrs extra, if you are like me that has often ask why God could permit Israel to be taken captive to Babylon for 70yrs even with prophet Jeremiah. Why Joshua should be losing battle because the hands of Moses was weary and down. Why Israel should lose battle because of one Achan . Why God permitted Satan to test job , why so many babies were killed in this same city in a plot to kill Jesus Christ . I think I have an answer to all these. With no shadow of doubt I have an answer from the lord to this situation.

           Yes, you have often wonder, it is in nursing that most people fail and repeat, both spiritual and non spiritual . It is in nursing that classes are splitted into two or more , it is here that you probably might not graduate with familiar faces you have known since 100level. It is here that one of your notebooks perhaps med-surge gets missing when it’s time for exam and you found it after the exam . It is here that before you leave your house, you read to satisfaction but entering exam hall, it seems as though you are so stupid and have read nothing. It is here that people that seem to be on your side are planning how you are going to be buried. It is here that several graduating generations have asked for houseman ship and couldn’t get it. It is here that some of our people cannot boldly compete with other health profession. It is here that workers work so much and are paid so little. It is here that they have shut our mouth and we don’t have say. It is here that even the government has forgotten us and the people no longer give regard to nurses. Is this not reason enough to ask why? I’ll tell you.

The ultimate answer to all these questions

     Israel was and is nation that holds a very important place in the heart of God and God cannot afford any little mis behavior from them. God is constantly jealous over them; he cannot afford them to turn to other gods. He cannot afford them to love other things. He cannot afford them to bow to idols either secretly or openly. He cannot afford them to do as others do. He cannot afford them to join themselves unto the uncircumcised (harlots). He cannot afford Daniel, shadrack, meshack and Abednego to defile themselves with the portion of the king’s meat. He cannot afford anyone to ride on this COLT which he is in need of. He cannot afford Dinah to continue to remain in sheckem’s house. He cannot allow Ephraim to join himself to whoredom.

            Know this, whether you like it or not, take it or leave it, as God has said “nursing department (nurses) holds a very high place in the heart of God. God is gathering men of shinning stars in nursing to train them for a specific assignment in life, so therefore, the moment you are in nursing believe me, you possess a shining star and responsibility is looming upon your shoulder but how could you accomplish this if God had not showed and trained you. You may wonder why so many things are happening. Israel has done so many things against God and God has no choice than to permit.

            The purpose of existence of Adam was reveal to him as well that of eve, this rightly defined their destiny and assignment in life whether you like it or not, whichever religion you belong to, you cannot afford to continue to live like this and hope to succeed in nursing profession. They are two different opposite things. Oh! You are wondering, you are wondering, you have come far to this point without realizing this. I tell you a word from God, relax, it’s not too, late all you need do is commit your life to God by accepting his son as your lord and savior. This makes you born again, and then you ask God to tell you your purpose never bother about the outcome for God will surely give you an answer and after this you enter into your rest in the nursing profession. A place of fulfillment.


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    • profile image

      mary DoZ 3 years ago

      Whao!!!!!!I love ds fact.God bless U

    • uniknurse profile image

      Emmanuel O ADESUYI 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks a lot for your compliments.I hope the eyes of every readers of this article be opened to understand God's mind.

    • profile image

      sesan bintu 6 years ago

      infact,am really challenged and at the same time encouraged.god bless your commitment and knowledge.

    • profile image

      Idowu Nike 6 years ago

      Wönderfull we need more of this..