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Toddler Sleep Disorder: What it is?

Updated on May 16, 2016

Sleep Disorder in Toddlers

There are many toddlers who encounter sleep related problems. Troubled sleep is something that a whopping number of toddlers experience these days. There are many reasons that contribute towards a toddler experiencing disturbed sleep. For instance, ear infections are one of the most popular reasons behind sleep disorders in children. There are many more like these and so it is important that the parents figure out the actual reason behind their child’s agony. In order to find an effective treatment to the problem, you must know of the cause behind it. Isn’t it?

There are different types of sleep related disorders. Some toddlers snore, some breathe noisily, some experience nightmares while others sweat profusely during sleep. Every problem has its own peculiar cause. So, first off, you need to identify your problem and then you need to look out for a possible treatment. Howsoever severe your child’s problem may be, the best part about child disorders is that they are 100% curable. Whether it is a serious case of insomnia or a slight throat choking, sleep disorders can be cured easily.

More about Toddler Sleep Disorder

Since the patients are just toddlers, their treatment is slightly different and mild. Experts usually recommend that if the problem is not too severe, it can easily be treated with soft music, dim lights or a soothing lullaby alone. Sometimes, a toddler may just be troubled over a new bed or a new pram. A change in the atmosphere or caregivers can also make the toddler restless at night. As such, bedtime should be made a positive experience for the toddler. Still, it is better to consult a child specialist before proceeding with any type of treatment. There is likelihood that there is something else that may be troubling the child. So, seeking expert advice can never go in vain.

Toddler Sleep Disorder


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