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My Top Healthful Choices for Better Living

Updated on November 8, 2014

Principles in Healthy Choices

You don't need anything but the right foods and the right plan to achieve your perfect healthful balance This is the biggest money making scam in the world today: Companies selling you worthless supplements and fat burners with false promises.

Without the right nutritional principles and without the right foods, no supplement will have any effect on your body. It will just be a complete waste of money! This does not mean cutting out vitamin and mineral supplements. They do help with the right principles in healthy choices.

There is no miracle way to getting fit.

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What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

Change Your Diet

In a world infatuated with junk food and fad diets, why have we overlooked the simple instructions provided in the Bible that have guided people for thousands of years toward better health? You don’t have to be Jewish or a Christian to find wisdom for healthier living in this doctor’s scripturally based book on eating and feeling better and living longer. You’ll learn the truth about grains and nuts, and the ins and outs of meat, fat and sweeteners. Discover why beverages can be the elixirs of life or death. The principles here will help anyone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired find energy, freedom from illness and more vibrant health.

Walking for Fitness

Walk for Your Health

I am too much of a hermit in the cold Wisconsin seasons and spending endless hours writing articles is in no way getting fit. The one fitness exercise that tops my number one list is walking. Walking is the best low impact exercise that a person can do. Studies have shown that walking can lower blood pressure, stress levels, improve sleep and elevate overall mood and sense of well-being.

Get Your Fiber

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease

Remember What Mom Said

Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber in the human diet. They are also a rich source of secondary metabolites that are proving to play an important role in the protection against numerous chronic diseases. These substances are almost ubiquitous in plant-derived foods and inherently have more subtle effects than nutrients.

Cut Out Soda

Are You a Soda Jerk?

Drinking Too Much Soda Causes Health Problems

Soda Jerk Poster

by walkinwear at Zazzle

My family loves to drink soda. But it is not beneficial in any way. I use to think that it was OK to drink diet soda. But studies have shown that even with artificial sugar in carbonated drinks, it can cause weight gain. Drinking too much soda pop can lead to:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Weaken bones
  • Dissolves the tooth enamel and can cause cavities
  • Kidney problems
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heartburn
  • Liver damage

The list goes on. There are no benefits to drinking this carbonated health killer.

Take Your Own Lunch To School Or Work

Prepare Your Lunch

Durable and waterproof outside and inside with a center that's insulated to keep food and beverages cold. This bag can hold enough for your lunch and a mid day snack.

Preparing your own lunch and keep you in check to make healthy food choices.

Stay Off the Junk Food!

Don't spoil your dinner with cookies or other mindless munching.

Are You a Fast Food Junky? - Avoid Fast Food

Eat Hamburgers in Moderation

Double Deluxe Hamburger with Cheese Jigsaw Puzzles

by Sandyspider on Zazzle

This speaks for itself. Fast food is high in fat, calories and salt. Fast food has helped in the increase of obesity. But I don't agree with the frivolous lawsuits brought up against fast food restaurants. You are the one who drove there and fed your face. No one forced you to put that food in your mouth.

# 7 Eat Real Non-Package Food, Raw Fruits And Vegetables!

With that the label of packaged and can food. Often you will see the ingredients: cornstarch, salt, sugar, corn syrup and the list goes on with unhealthy ingredients. I was surprise to find on the back of a soup can, one of the ingredients was high fructose corn syrup. My question is, "Why?"

Snack Yourself Slim Book

Eat several small meals during the day

Studies have shown that eating several small meals versus three large meals works better on your metabolism.

Mini-meals can help your health! They slash cholesterol levels! They soothe tummy trouble! They fight diabetes! -- Woman's World

Drink 6 to 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Waterfall in the Jungle Photo Wall Paper


Drink More Water

Paradise Photo Wall Paper - Waterfall in the Jungle - Jungle River Kanchanaburi Thailand Si Sawa Mural - XXL Wall Decoration

Increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits.

Drinking enough water allows the kidneys to function better. If the kidneys are working to their peak, some of their load is dumped on the liver. One of the liver's primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body. Without this energy we feel sluggish.

Not drinking enough water can cause fluid retention. When your body is given less water than it needs, our bodies go into survival mode. Water reserves are stored in extra-cellular spaces (outside the cells). This water can show up as swollen feet, hands and legs.

Drinking enough water helps rid our body of harmful toxins.

Don't Eat Late At Night

Your Body Cannot Break Food Down Properly Late at Night

Have you seen the movie Germlins? Then you know if you feed these cute cuddly pets after midnight, something evil happens.

If you eat late at night, your body does not have time to metabolize the food properly. Instead it will store it as fat. Eating late at night can cause problems with proper sleep function as well.

Have you seen the movie Gremlins?

Then you know if you feed these cute cuddly pets after midnight, something evil happens.

Gremlins is a fun movie from producer Steven Spielberg, writer Chris Columbus, and director Joe Dante. Zach Galligan is the young man whose inventor father (Hoyt Axton) gives him an odd Christmas present: a tiny, furry creature that comes with a set of rules: don't get him wet, don't feed him after midnight, and keep him away from direct sunlight. But Galligan breaks the first rule and the damp little critter pops out a dozen little offspring. Then the offspring break the second rule and, overnight, turn from cute furry guys to malevolent scaly guys with world domination on their mind. The only way to stop them: rule three. But it's an anxious (and extremely funny) battle to make it to daylight--and the bad gremlins find ways to multiply over and over. Great special effects and a gruesome sense of humor make this a wild (if occasionally dark and scary) ride. --Marshall Fine

© 2010 Sandy Mertens


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