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Top Exercises for Reducing Weight

Updated on April 10, 2019
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We all know that exercise, workout and being physically active is important for maintaining overall health, but when you are planning to reduce weight, it becomes even more important.

Some people are usually very determined towards their weight loss goals, but at the same time, they get confused about where to start? The lack of information regarding the different ways to shed those extra calories makes them frustrated when they are unable to reach their goals even after putting so many efforts.

We are here to give you relief from that frustration by providing top exercises which are highly effective in reducing weight. We have included exercises that work on multiple muscles, revitalize metabolism and burn down calories. Some of the cardio exercises for weight loss are as follows.

Stairs Climbing

Stairs Climbing is also considered as one of the popular ways to burn calories and to hit your target. This exercise involves higher leg lifting than walking, so it uses considerably more muscles than just walking, which in turn, works effectively in strengthening leg muscles in a functional way.

But, if you have a knee problem or have weak knees, you are advised to skip this exercise as it puts a lot of weight and pressure on your joints.

Jumping Rope

The main reason for adding jumping rope in the list of cardio exercises is its enhancement on your footwork; strengthen your shoulders and development of coordination. Additionally, it also helps in simulating sprinting and if this exercise is performed at least 30 minutes you are likely to burn as much as 500 calories.

For better results, the best way is to do intervals of fast and slow jumps so that you are able to keep going with your concentration. You can also opt for jumping faster for one minute and take rest of 20-30 seconds.


Do you love cycling? If yes, then it is the right time to get back to your childhood memories, except one difference, that now you are opting for cycling to reduce fat from your body instead of having fun when you were a kid. If you do not have the time or do not want to go for outdoor cycling, you can take benefits of indoor cycling which you can easily be found at any gym.

So, if you are a gym lover, you have the best option available at the gym to burn nearly 1,200 calories in an hour when you do cycling at an intense rate. For moderate riders, it would be half of these calories per hour.


If you are a swimmer or always wanted to learn swimming but due to one or another reason you were unable to learn it, now it is the right time to turn your swimming interest into a workout when looking for the exciting cardio exercises for weight loss. It works directly on your muscles when you are working on keeping you afloat without any break.

With only 1 minute of fast swimming, you can burn nearly 15 calories. Also, make sure to include different types of strokes in your workout.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You must know that the intensity of your workout is key to attain the maximum benefits of doing the exercises. In this training, you will perform short intervals of exercises but with maximum intensity, where these exercises are followed by a longer period of recovery or break time. During the intense intervals, your body will burn the maximum potential fat and those extra pounds will melt down.

20-minutes of HIIT are enough to burn more calories than a long jog in a day. High-intensity exercises force your muscles to work harder, which will help in burning more fuel and are the smart cardio exercises for weight loss.


Running has also been one of the effective exercises which are always recommended to improve your health condition. When you are looking for the easiest way to burn fat and calories to get a fit body, running at a moderate pace is a highly powerful exercise to achieve your goal. You are advised to do long run but in a moderate speed and also opt for trails or softer surfaces.

If any time you feel bored, try to have different routes when you go out for running. You can also choose to run on a treadmill if you do not feel better to go outside in the harsh climatic condition or due to any reason.


Though these machines are not quite effective for burning fat than other cardio machines, but still, it is counted in the list because it brings effective results without wearing out your joints. This cardio exercising machine simulates stair-climbing but in a moderate pace and allows you to switch up the intensity, speed, and resistance of the machine based on your capacity.

Also, it is advisable, not to hold the handle tightly as it can reduce your efforts and can also lead to pain in your shoulders or wrist.


Now, you cannot say that you do not know which cardio exercises are better for you to lose weight. With all these cardio exercises for weight loss, you can gain the toned body which you wanted to attain from a long time.

Some of you may find these exercises little bit harder but keep in mind that with each repetition you will get one step closer to your weight loss goal.

Take out some time for yourself and put your dedication to make you stronger and fitter.


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