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Trampoline Parts

Updated on March 15, 2011

There are certain measurements you will need to have before you can order replacement trampoline parts. This includes mini trampoline which are generally used by children and for people who have limited space to larger backyard models. Trampolines range in size from 8 inches on up to 32 inches. Some of the backyard models include enclosures which are mainly used as a safety device to protect children. You will also need measurements if the trampoline is a rectangle, square, octagon or oval shape.

Trampoline accessories and parts are available for trampolines with brand names such as Arizona, Airzone, Bazoongi Funtek, Jumpfree, Jumpking, Lifestyles USA, Magic Circle, Orbounder, Pure Fun, Skywalker, Sportspower and Variflex.

The size of your trampoline might be a 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 or 32 foot size unit. You can also find replacement parts to protect the trampoline such as a trampoline cover. Also important are universal enclosures, straps, ropes, poles, cords, caps, wheels, and enclosures. Replacement enclosures can be bought to maintain a safe trampoline experience. These range from 10 feet to 16 feet in size and can be for trampolines with an octagon or rectangular shape. You can find trampoline parts like foam sleeves, pole caps, bungee cords, straps,rope and hardware replacement parts for your trampoline at

To replace a safety pad you will need to have the measurement of the outside frame of the trampoline as well as the know the length of the springs from one hook to the next.You will need to make sure the measurement is within two inches so a 12 foot, 10 inch trampoline would then take a safety pad which measures thirteen feet. Some springs are only wide enough to cover a certain length of the spring. This is why it is important to measure the springs at the same time. Most trampoline parts require users to make a quick measurement like this.

To replace enclosures it is necessary to measure the outside of the frame as well as inspect the feet of the trampoline. You are in the clear if the legs are straight down and then make the shape of a "U". It should be fine if the difference is only that of a few inches. To replace a round trampoline mat, measure the frame from the outside edge to the other outside edge and then across the middle. Be sure to measure it in a few different places.

To replace an old safety mat, measure straight across at the edge of the fabric not including the v-rings. If the old mat is not on the trampoline, lay it out and fold it in half. Then measure the fold. Now measure the springs including the hooks. Be sure to count the number of springs. If you have springs that are 8 1/2 inches or 9 inches, be sure to take the size of the frame and subtract two feet. An example of this is: 14 ft. minus 2 ft. = 12 feet. The old mat should be close to one to two inches within this size. First locate the 12 foot mats. Look for the one with the correct number of springs. This is then the mat you need to order.

If the springs are 6.5 inches to 7 inch, take the size of the frame and subtract two feet from this amount and then be sure to add 3 inches. An example of this is 14 ft. minus 2 ft. = 12 feet plus 3 inches. Locate the12 foot 3 inch mat. Find the one that has the correct number of springs. This is the mat that needs to be ordered. If the springs are 5 1/2 inches, take the frame size and subtract two feet and then be sure to add six inches. An example of this is 14 ft. minus 2 ft. plus 6 inches = 12 ft. 6 inches. Now locate the 12 foot 6 inch mats. Look for the one with the correct number of springs. This is the mat that needs to be ordered.


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