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How Important is Liver Cleansing?

Updated on September 25, 2013

The Liver Purifies Our Blood

Cleansing Your Liver Two Different Ways

Instead of asking how are you feeling today? One should ask how is your liver doing? Nine times out of ten if your liver functioning is optimal, you'll be feeling good. Historically, there have been herbs that have been known to cleanse the liver and support liver health. Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, and Tumeric to name a few, these herbs will unclog a congested liver. Sometimes these natural supplements work well together in what is called herbal combinations, and can come conveniently in capsules or liquids.

Another interesting way to help your liver to function better is by giving yourself coffee enemas. This would be done if you were experiencing a chronic illness or worst. In researching I've found that the most famous part of the Gerson Therapy is their recommendation to administer coffee enemas to their cancer patients. These patients they say have markedly improved.

Our body's entire blood volume pass through the liver every three minutes.The coffee's caffeine stimulates the liver's bile ducts open, The liver is then able to purge itself of impurities. your body's blood is cleanse more thoroughly.

There's easy opportunity for your liver functioning to lessen over the years. pollution, drugs, bad eating habits and viral infections put stress and damage the liver. Symptoms of liver problems may include chronic fatigue, yellow discolored skin and eyes, nausea or loss of appetite.

My Ailments Are Slowly Dissappearing

I had A Burst of Energy

I have personally experienced an increased level of energy taking the coffee enemas. also certain ailments I have are very slowly disappearing. I started giving myself coffee enemas 7 months ago (Febuary 2013) I am convinced that the improvements are due to my changed eating habits and coffee enemas. Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson therapy mentions that the human body nowadays can take up to three years to cleanse enough to make a difference. The other day I removed my air conditioner out of one of the windows in my bedroom. It was so heavy, I just knew it would be impossible to pick it up again without assistance. You know what happened? One day after giving myself a coffee enema I had a burst of energy and I picked up that air conditioner by myself.

Cleansing The Liver Is Very Important

Getting a Handle on Disease

The health of your body relies on the health of your liver. It is important that you do what you can to keep it strong. There are certain herbs and supplements that are known to provide essential antioxidants and other nutrients that support liver health, Also you can try coffee enemas. Detoxifying your liver is the only way you can get a handle on any disease or chronic ailment. Don’t give up read and do research. You will probably come to the same understanding many others have: Cleansing your liver can be very important to your health.


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