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Ultimate Fitness Trends 2018: Meet a New You

Updated on January 11, 2018

Get to know the top trends

Every year comes with its own fitness trends. This year let us get introduced to the new fitness trends. When conferred with the choices of HIIT workouts, a cardio session in a gym and a 20 km run it's quite hard to stay focussed and follow a healthy diet. However, to design your life in a healthy manner, one has to put their effort of enrobing their overly tight sports tracks. It is a high time we have known about the trending, unusual and intense fitness trends of 2018. Let us have a look them!

" When you feel like quitting, remember why you started "


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is a boon to the fitness industry. Let us get introduced to the world of fitness, fused with technology. Fast, instant and accurate technology is adapted to the present world, however, resulting in this shift. Standard devices are best of both worlds because they not only make our work easier by tracking the number of steps taken, the measure of calorie intake and amount of sleep but also help us to have a personalized approach to physiological and psychological health.

Most importantly women are benefited with the wearable tracking devices which are a fusion of technology and style. It is known that women undergo menstruation period on a regular basis. There are fertility trackers which accurately predict the days of menstruation, which in turn helps them to manage the intensity of exercise accordingly.

Time for a good change

Replace excuses with effort, replace laziness with determination and everything else will fall into its place.


Virtual Exercises

The world of virtuality is the biggest trends in the field of fitness. Fitness games have left the scene and in their place are virtual reality workouts. Virtual exercises are fun to do and are competitive in nature since rewards are given for achieving certain targets. The application of phenomena of virtuality in the field of physical exertion is a milestone in the fitness sector.

People who do not have time to hit the gym regularly, this one is for you! The introduction of VR fitness means traveling through the world without any expenses and competing in the global events without ever leaving the room. And most importantly there is no need of physical trainers to guide you all the way long throughout the workout routine.

Let us discuss the facts frankly

Undoubtedly there is no such a quick fix to hit your fitness goals with one kind of exercise. Simply following the latest trendy exercises will not guarantee that you are doing the right thing for your body. Firstly one has to figure out which kind of fitness regime suits their body in order to make it convenient as well as interesting to achieve the goals.

Determination, perseverance, commitment, and willpower are the primary qualities of a person which motivates them to achieve their goals. Yeah, it may take time to set your mind towards healthy lifestyle but, believe me, once you make it you will be on the top of the world. Soreness is the fundamental quality of working out. When one feels their muscles sore it means they ( muscles ) have started responding to the process of burning the fat. No matter which kind of workout you are doing, all that it matters is the effort and hard work.

' The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow '

The new HIIT: The Low-intensity training

Low- intensity exercise is the best way to workout. The latest whir-acronym in the fitness world is LISS, which stands for Low- Intensity Steady State. Experts opine that instead of doing high interval training which thumps your heart beat to the maximum capacity one can opt for low- intensity workouts which helps in building up the strength without a lot of stain on the body, meaning it may be done several times a week.

Most fashionable fitness trends


Cardio performed at a low to moderate intensity.
Cardio performed at high intensities.
Heart Rate
Helps lower resting heart rate and gradually increases the intensity.
Raises the heart rate to a maximum level which in turn can have an adverse effect on the body.
Nature of exercise
The relaxed pace of this training method is easier on joints.
The extraneous pace of this training is tiresome and may have an inimical effect on joints
Burn potential
Roughly on an average, a 150 -pound person can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.
On an average, a 150- pound person can burn 200 calories in 20 minutes.

DNA test: The future of fitness

It is a known fact that along with hard work and effort, the genetic structure of a person plays an eminent role in staying fit. If the primary objective of a person is to lose weight then his/her muscle structure, stamina levels, cardiovascular performance, bone health and metabolism rate of the body are taken into consideration. DNA testing has stood the test of times in the field of fitness. However, it is a milestone in the trending fitness regime.

Benifits of DNA for optimal health

  • Is helpful in estimating the endurance of muscles.
  • Reduces wear and tear of tendons.
  • Avoids sprints.
  • Promotes bone health.
  • Old aged people are mainly benefitted by the DNA test phenomena since they have to be in a regular check with their bone strength and metabolism to avoid dangerous injuries.
  • It plays a proactive role in finding out which type of fitness routine works best on one's body.
  • Athletes can predict their nutritive values which helps them to estimate the number of calories to be burnt.

" The body achieves what the mind believes "


Fitness foods to try in 2018

" Variety is the spice of life " applies to food, too, so enlarge your diet( and get healthier in the process ). Let us shift to a healthy and clean vegan, gluten-free diet instead of eating junk food. The new trend in fitness foods is of vegetables. Yes, vegetables! Also, fat oils( nutrition oils ) have a prominence in the fitness field. Have a look at some of them:

  • Hemp oil: Is made by pressing whole hemp seeds and is a reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic and omega-6 linolenic acids.
  • Acai: Reduces cholesterol as well as helps managing weight and obesity.
  • Aubergine: Promotes heart health and is a high source of nutrition though it provides fewer calories.
  • Basil: Its soothing aroma calms down the senses and restores alertness.
  • Kalettes: These are already considered nutritional heavy stickers. It has a nutty flavor and is enriched with vitamin K and vitamin C.

You can do it

Fitness is a way of life. Simply following the new trending fitness routines do not guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Failures are the stepping stones to success. Which in turn develops a burning desire to achieve the goals. So friends go for it! Believe in yourself and be determined.

© 2018 krithi krisa


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      Cryptographer 2 months ago

      A very informative and inspirational article for the beginners like me

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      krithi krisa 3 months ago

      Definetly. My upcoming article will be based on the subject of LISS and much more. Thank you.

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      Viswapani 3 months ago

      This a good article. Got to know some new trends. Want to know LISS routines.

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      Got to know something new and which is trending in the field of fitness. It is really worth reading. Provides a good content.

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      That's a wonderful piece of writing! It is very informative and inspirative!