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What is true happiness ?

Updated on May 13, 2012

True Bliss

Lately I have been pondering about this question and i ask myself am i consider to be living in true happiness now ? I still searching for happiness and trying to find it in my everyday life. Starting from very small thing , having my first cup of coffee in the morning and waking up feeling well about myself. I think that to be totally honest with yourself and others and never do anything bad to others is peace and happiness. You can sleep well with a clear conscience and not be haunt by bad dreams or unease feelings.

True happiness to me is honest with my feelings and never to betray love and finding true love is also true happiness though it comes with pain but is better to experience true love then not feel at all. Those who found true love and afraid to pursue it and are scared to get hurt , they rather stay in their so called comfort zone and are too coward to go for what they want , they probably live in regrets not knowing what could have been if they have follow their heart. Happiness to me is follow my heart and never regret or look back. To be able to feel alive with this energy and truly living and not be afraid of anything , even if is a mistake you will not regret it because you have truly live and experience it and then move on from there.

" Theodore Roosevelt the 26 President of the United States 1901-1909 " Theodore Roosevelt called the comfort zone the "the Gray Twilight" and those that dwelt there "poor spirits".

" They neither enjoyed much nor suffered much and in fact in his opinion they did not really live very much either. "

You are living and breathing and yet you feel empty in life , there is no energy or adrenalin to push you to wake up to watch the sunrise , to slow down to smell the flowers , to observe how little things make you smile and laugh , to tell someone you love them. True real happiness are doing all this little things that seem so insignificant yet could light up your life and make you feel happy. I realize happiness is all around us if we take the time to slow down and observe people and things.

Life is stressful enough nowadays and if we take the time to just say hello to someone down the street or smile , we could de-stress and yet feel happy. Happiness in life is about now and those we love and if I rush through it I am not living in it I am dying in it. It would be a shame to feel you have wasted your life at the end of the day.


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