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TurboKick Workout Review

Updated on July 30, 2014

Spice Up Your Kickboxing Routine with TURBO KICK!

About a year an a half ago, I noticed our gym offered Turbo Kick. I decided one day to give it a shot to see what Turbo Kick was all about. The first several times I made attempts at it, I did okay. However, after I continued going to the classes I got better and became addicted to the class! It has made a difference! I feel stronger! HI~YA! Okay I had to say that lol. I HIGHLY recommend checking out your local Turbo Kick class. ALL AGES can do Turbo Kick. I have seen women in my class who are in their 60's getting their kickboxing on. Sure some of them can't move as fast as the young ones BUT they sure do stick with it and try. By the end of the class, they are sweating just like the rest of us! Don't be afraid! Give it a try! Don't feel down on yourself if you don't do so well the first few times. I know I didn't do great but I gave it my best! Overtime, things got better! Once you get the moves (the TWIST is a popular move), you then become a Turbo Kick addict!

WOW Sounds Great - TELL ME MORE!

Burn Those Calories!

First off Turbo Kick was created Chalene Johnson! Give her props because she has made a fantastic program! By doing Turbo Kick, it has been proven that you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session! No doubt there! I was wearing my fitness watch in my Turbo Kick class and I was around 700 calories by the end of the session. Talk about happy moments on the scale the next morning! Also the routines, called Rounds, are upbeat and filled with current music of today's top hits! By combining dance moves + intense kickboxing + awesome upbeat music = then you have Turbo Kick ladies and gentlemen!

Round? What is a Round?

Turbo Kick Round Breakdown

As mentioned before, Turbo Kick is broken down into Rounds. Each round has the following..

Section 1: Warm-Up

Section 2: Punches

Section 3: Kicks

Section 4: Punches & Kicks

Section 5: Turbo (high intense cardio for 2mins..prepare to sweat)

Section 6: Recovery (helps give you a breather from Turbo)

Section 7: Finale (intensity is below turbo with kicks/punches)

Section 8: Legs

Section 9: Abs

Section 10: Cool-Down

And by the end of it all, you are sweating! Stay Hydrated!!

Turbo Kick Yes? No? Maybe? - What are your thoughts?

Would You Be Willing To Try Turbo Kick?

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