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Understanding the Sahasrara Chakra

Updated on December 27, 2015

Sahasrara, the Seventh Chakra

The "lotus of the thousand petals," or sahasrara, as it is called is located approximately four finger's width above the crown of the head. And there are thousands of nerves here, which is scientifically evident by examining a transverse section of the human brain, that shows us a structure with a striking resemblance to a lotus with thousands of petals.

This particular chakra is said to be the ultimate, the epicenter of the soul and the essence of one's complete being. Existing long before creation itself and remaining long after annihilation, the Sahasrara is said to be a cosmic reflection of the true, untainted self, connecting us with another world on a greater plane without time and space constraints. Here, there is no knowledge, no material concerns, nothing to be learned or known and the illusion of self is totally dissipated. This seventh chakra is responsible for the integration of all the others, melding them with their own individual qualities and is often referred to as the Promised Land where complete and utter freedom and truth are obtained.

Able to obtain supremacy over all life forces in a process so very subtle yet profoundly deep, the yogi and all of the prana within his own body will remain within his physical self but yet be able to enjoy the benefits of the ethereal world without all of its usual negativity. The yogi emanates an aura with continual radiance, much like the brilliant illumination from the sun.

Sahasrara chakra

Associations of the Sahasrara Chakra

The mantra of the Sahasrara is all of the 50 Sanskrit letters repeated on each petal, and this chakra is represented by the symbol of a thousand petals in all the shades of the rainbow, also directly associated with the colors white and violet. The Sahasrara is represented by the element of thought, governing the center of the head, above the ears, as well as the brain, pineal gland and nervous system, with a strong focus on the emotions of empathy and a feeling of unity.

Most usually related to fasting, this chakra is also associated with the essential oil lotus as well as the gems amber, diamond, and moldavite.

7th Chakra: Sahasrara Thousand Petal Lotus Center - Kundalini Chakra Energy Meditation

Characteristics of the Sahasrara

The first sound emitted during this higher level of being will be heard as "Om." When fully developed, this chakra elicits feelings of bliss accented by spiritual connection, and a deep wisdom and understanding. Dealing with intuitive knowledge, it is said to bridge the gap between emotions and spirituality, bringing about an integrated mixture in order to bring about a greater sense of awareness on a conscious level.

With the proper balance of the mind in conjunction with both the body and the psyche, utter happiness is ultimately the end result. Only when the yogi attains a higher state of pure bliss through extreme concentration will he be able to enter a state of samahdi, dissolving all other feelings, wants, needs, and emotions.

During this stage, all ideas of separation or differentiating one's self from others vanishes. It is here that you are able to adapt yourself to any type of circumstance or situation. A greater sense of appreciation is achieved as you are able to see the true beauty of others and of your surroundings. Judging others by opinion, appearance, or preconceived notions is a non-issue as vibrations are what tell us the answers to our questions.

Physical maladies that may arise include a heightened sensitivity to both light and sound. The mental and emotional ramifications, however, are far more numerous and include everything from a loss of identity and purpose to disbelief regarding spiritual reality, a lack of trust, values and ethics, as well as a feeling of apathy and an ongoing sense of fear.

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