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Understanding Sinus Headaches

Updated on May 15, 2012

Sinus headaches are headaches that accompany sinusitis caused by the
swelling and inflammation of membranes lining of your sinuses. You may
feel pressure around your eyes and forehead leaving you with a painful
throbbing headache. Sinus headaches are also caused by colds,
allergies and malodorous cologne and sinus headaches are always
mistaken for migraine and tension headaches.

Symptoms of Sinus headaches.
1. Pain that worsens with movement like bending or lying down.
2. Nasal stiffness
3. Pain on the forehead and the bridge of the nose.(Not the back of
your head or one sided pain)
4. Strong pain on the cheekbones.
5. Pain accompanied by nasal drainage.

Treatment and home remedies for Sinus headaches

1. Drink lots of water.
2. Find a way to humidify the air
3. Avoid irritants such as perfume etc.
4. Buy over the counter medicine like a nasal spray to moisten you
nasal passages and in other cases your doctor may prescribe some
medicine for you.
5. Lay a warm damp cloth over your eyes to relieve inflammation.
6. Eucalyptus oil acts as a expectorants and treats sinus headaches by
clearing the mucus in the respiratory tract.
7. Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial elements and it is minty so it will
help reduce sinus pressure when inhaled.
Pour 5 drops of tea tree oil into pot on the stove and cover your
head with a towel to inhale the vapours it will alleviate the soreness
and pressure.
8. Apple Cider Vinegar thins and clears the mucus. Mix two teaspoons
of apple cider vinegar with 8 parts of water and drink for immediate

Go to a doctor and get the right diagnosis before treating a headache


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