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Using Dong Quai to Boost Your Fertility

Updated on July 17, 2011

Boosting Fertility with Dong Quai

Trying to get pregnant and finding that it is taking way longer than you thought it would? You are not alone. As many as half of the couples who decide to start a family find that getting pregnant isn’t as simple as they had first thought. For many, the months turn into years of frustration dealing with any number of fertility issues. In the meantime, they are left struggling with their disappointment at failing to create new life together.

Well thankfully nature has many answers. From herbs to diet, natural therapies and meditation; there are many options for you to boost your fertility and get pregnant naturally. In this article I am going to share with you the benefits of the fertility herb Dong Quai.

Fertilica Dong Quai
Fertilica Dong Quai

Dong Quai for long and short term infertility

The reasons for long and short term infertility vary from couple to couple. For some irregular menstrual cycles are interfering with ovulation. Scanty or missing periods can also cause infertility. Here are a few other things that could interrupting your quest toward parenthood:

  • Delayed or absent menstruation
  • Short periods with cramping
  • Severe PMS Symptoms
  • Light or slow starting menstruation
  • Stagnant conditions

When your own body and cycle are fighting against you, what can be done to get things back in order and increase your chances of conceiving the child you yearn for? Dong Quai is a potent herb that has been used for centuries to nourish the blood, tonify the uterus and strengthen the uterine lining; helping to make it a more baby friendly environment.

How does Dong Quai work?

It has been shown that this ancient uterine tonic has the ability to increase blood flow to the uterus which helps to strengthen the reproductive system and boost egg health while also increasing the thickness of the uterine lining, making implantation more likely. It also helps to increase red blood cell production throughout the body, making your entire system healthier.

When proper blood flow is restored to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, congestion and blockages can be flushed, clearing the way for both egg and sperm to travel to the uterus where fertilization and implantation can take place.

Dong Quai is also effective for blood disorders

In addition, Dong Quai can also be effective in treating blood disorders like anemia and iron deficiency. This is done thanks to its ability to promote increased red blood cell production, which is believed to fortify the blood and alleviate many deficiencies within the bloodstream.

Completely safe for most users, there are some things to consider when using Dong Quai as a fertility supplement. Since the herb does increase menstrual flow to help clear blockages and stagnancy within the uterus, it is not recommended for use during your menstrual flow or if you suspect you may be pregnant, since this can cause a miscarriage. Women using coagulants or aspirin therapy must also be careful when adding Dong Quai supplements to their health care regime.

Despite these obvious warnings which need to be taken seriously by some women, Dong Quai is usually considered safe and can be a very potent fertility herb for those who suffer with scanty or abnormal periods.

Dong Quai & Fertility Q&A

Are there any side effects when using the fertility herb dong quai?

Dong quai has been used safely for hundreds of years when used properly. There are some situations that one should not use dong quai...

  • During menstruation (increases the blood flow and may cause heavy flow)
  • Before surgery (it has a blood thinning effect)
  • If you are on blood thinners or aspirin

Is Dong Quai the only fertility herb I will need?

Every person is unique and there generally is not just one herb or supplement that fixes everything. While Dong Quai is an amazing effective herb, it is best used as part of a holistic natural fertility program that incorporates a fertility diet, fertility cleansing and additional fertility herbs and supplements as needed.

The Natural Fertility Community
The Natural Fertility Community

Do You Have Fertility Quesitons?

Make sure to check out our Natural Fertility Community. You can...

  • Get your fertility questions answered
  • Make friends and get support during your fertility journey
  • Learn how to boost your fertility naturally and be empowered


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