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Using Yoga To Eliminate Negativity

Updated on December 26, 2015

Yoga To Eliminate Negative Vibes

Yoga impacts your mind as much as it does your body. However, a more interesting note about this ancient art form of healing is that it often requires physical intervention first in order to trigger that impact on your emotional and mental centers. Using yoga to eliminate negativity is therefore one of the most common uses for yoga in the modern world. To learn more about how you can achieve this, read further below.

Negativity and Positivity

Why Must You Beat Negativity?

Choosing to practice yoga is an important step towards achieving the necessary changes in your life and empowering your beliefs in yourself. The modern world is filled with various factors that affects the way one thinks about him or herself, as well as their overall perspective about the world. When you are consumed in negative thoughts though, it affects everything about yourself until it wins you over. The worst part about suffering from negative vibes though is that it limits your potential and makes you doubt your own skills.

Therefore, taking it upon yourself and recognizing that such negativity exists is the most important first step in turning your life around. Unless you are aware that your existence is wrapped in negativity, you will do nothing about it and suffer from its consequences. The hard part with being filled with negative vibes is that others have this false assumption that they are completely powerless against it and thus merely accept it as part of their truth.

One thing that yoga teaches an individual about the need to overcome negativities is basically that you have the choice. Only you could turn that negativity into something more positive and fruitful. Once you have taken that initial action, you should be able to attain true happiness and prosperity.

Positive Energy Yoga

Increasing Positivity In Your Life

Yoga experts suggest two effective ways to overcome negative vibrations in your body, as well as your life in general: yoga exercise and meditation.

Since your body is made up of energy channels at which energy passes through, performing yoga poses gradually affects the flow of energy inside your body. If there are any imbalances, the performance of certain yoga poses will correct those imbalances and restore balance while relieving tension.

For a more effective result, you must combine it with meditation. It is an excellent tool for controlling flow of energy and reversing any form of negative thoughts present in the mind. The main objective behind performing meditation to increase positivity is to renew your perspective in life.

Believe in Yourself First

Negativity often happens as a result of lack of confidence and self-doubt. Belief in one's self is the most important quality to staying positive. You need to have confidence in your ability to set goals and have the skills that will lead towards the completion of your goals.

Start by repeating the phrase “I can!” to yourself until you naturally adapt this positive attitude. Before long, it begins to encompass your entire being, as well as the things that you do are affected by it. If you set your mind into doing something, then nothing will hold you back from it.

Love Yourself

The concept of non-violence is one of the most basic concepts taught in the Yoga Sutra. The best way to develop this positive attitude is to begin with one’s self. You must learn to love yourself and avoid committing acts of violence against it. Although you have your own set of imperfections, you must look past that and appreciate what you were given instead.

Beginner Yoga Positions : Triangle Pose in Beginner Yoga

Suggested Exercises To Overcome Negative Vibes

As mentioned above, performing yoga exercises are important in manipulating the energy flow inside your body and use it to affect your overall state of mind. After all, your body consist of a series of energy channels wherein the energy flows. It also explains how certain poses produce a particular emotion or state of mind due to the presence of these energies.

If you want to enhance positive energy flow inside your body to overcome negative vibes, these are some of the yoga exercises that you need to perform:

*Triangle Pose – Known for its ability to tone your leg and abdominal muscles, Triangle Pose also produces positive vibrations on your energy channels. Begin with your legs about shoulder-width apart and your upper body straight. Then, bring both arms up until it is level with your shoulders. When you attempt to lower your arms to as far down as possible, focus on attaining a stretch on your muscles. Straighten up again and regain your initial position. You can repeat the same process using the other side.

*Lotus Pose – This is a variation to a seated pose and enhances your flexibility. You probably recognize Lotus Pose since it is the most associated pose with meditation. To assume this pose, you must slide your right foot on top of your left thigh with your toes pointed upwards. On the other side, you must place your left foot over your right thigh and point your toes upward. With your palm turned upward, you must rest it on either sides of your thighs. Stay in this position for as long as you can. The ability to promote positive vibrations is one reason why the Lotus Pose is used widely for meditation.

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Some More Yoga Asanas To Overcome Negative Vibes

*Half Spinal Twist – This pose is ideal for enhancing strength and flexibility in your spine. To perform the Half Spinal Twist, start on a kneeling position. With your legs together, sit on your right. Make sure that your left leg is over your right leg. However, your foot must be located outside your right knee. Keep your spine straight as you lift both arms on your shoulder level. As you attempt to twist your spine, make sure to do it in a gentle manner. To do the twist effectively, use your left hand to attempt to reach the floor behind you.

*Headstand – Here is another kneeling position that you can try out. Start by placing both elbows and hands on the floor. Clasp both hands together and allowing the fingers to interlock. Rest your head on your hands while you lift your toes toward the ceiling. As soon as you have assumed an upright position, stretch your legs fully with proper extension. Try to keep your body balanced and straight to avoid injuries and other serious complications. Do this often since headstand is one of the best recommended exercises in using yoga to eliminate negativity.

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