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Variations On Classic Exercises To Tone Your Legs

Updated on January 10, 2014
Try side lunges to tone your legs
Try side lunges to tone your legs

When you do the same fitness exercises the same way for long periods of time, your body begins to adapt and gains begin to slow down. To get past these periods of stagnation, you don't need to necessarily overhaul your entire workout routine; a few minor changes in the way you do things can yield huge results.

The most popular leg toning exercises are the squat and the lunge. Millions of people use these exercises to keep their legs toned, fit, and strong. There are some tweaks and changes that you can apply to each of these exercises to help blast through a period of slow gains. Here are a few ways that you can change up these classic exercises to get better thigh muscle conditioning and strength and also tone your legs at the same time.

Side Lunges

In a classic lunge, you step forward as far as you can and lunge forward, then you push up to return to the starting position. In the side lunge, you are going to step out wide to one side and dip down low. From the negative position, push your way back up, using the bent leg, to return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for several reps and then switch to the other side. You should practice the side lunge without weights for a few sessions before you add weight to the exercise.

How to do Wide Stance Squats by Fitness Trainer

Wide Stance Squats

When you squat, your feet are usually about shoulder-width apart. For the wide stance squat, you are going to double the width of your stance. You won't be able to squat as low, but you will be working your inner and outer thigh muscles a lot more than you do with a standard squat. Do these very slowly and start off with no weight until you get used to the movement. For a little extra variety, you can point your toes as far outward as you are able to. This version of the squat will help you improve your flexibility while you build muscle.

Any time you feel like you are not making gains from your leg workout, change things up a bit. You can confuse your muscles into rapid growth by changing the angle of your toes or the width of your stance. Try new variations slowly and with little or no weight until you get used to the movement and have built up the necessary strength. If you regularly switch these minor variables, your legs will never cease to get stronger and healthy. At last it could be said that modifying wide stance squats and alternating positions while doing side lunges will definitely help tone your legs.

Author: Chris Roberts of the Get Insanity Workout Site. Get the incredible 'no weights needed' Intensity Workout dvd from Shaun T.


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