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vision and how much it can mean to your independence

Updated on June 29, 2015

. I will be the first to admit that vision means a lot to me. It means being able to drive and do what I want when I want. Now that my vision is dimming due to cataracts I find that vision means a lot to me.. I have noticed that my driving is not what it should be. I can see with my sunglasses but it is still foggy. My job depends on how long I keep my vision. I am ready to hand off the driving to my husband. I can no longer read books because the lines all run together. I try with a magnifier glass but still not readible

I feel that as an author my career is ending . I I will need a machine or mike that will type my ideas for me. I have no insurance as many young people don't I wish I did Will have to wait ill I turn 65j and get medicarei I have noticed as my vison leaves my other senses become more acute. I can smell so much better. The one thing that I have noticed that when so many years ago it was in the news. The news reported that quietier cars would be hard for blind people to hear. I can now realize that is true. You can hear the loud semi trucks and some small delivery trucks but the cars are the worst. It must be the electric cars because I have almost been hit by two. My feet which I walk a lot on also have become more sensitive. They can tell if there is a rock that you would have normally stepped around you now might walk on.

I realize know that our vision makes us independent in so many ways. I live in a small town thank heaven but how do I get to my doctor who is out of town? How do I get to my big department stores? I cant get to see my friends. I feel like I cant take care of myself anymore. I have always been independent and now I have to depend on someone for everything.

I have found out there is an organization that will help people like me with no insurance and the right income. The link is I am go to fill out the application and then have a referral agency refer me to a doctor who will do an eye test and then decide. Well this program proved to not be available in the state I live in. Now I have called the Lions Foundation and no response yet. Luckily my doctor has a partner that will remove my cataracts in January.

My life has changed also with the fact that I cant walk outside without someone being with me. I have walked out in front of a car that luckily didn't hit me. I fell down a flight of cement steps because once I was outside I couldn't see them at all. Thank heaven I didn't break anything but sure hurt the knees and my pride.


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