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Updated on April 17, 2014

A Natural Vitiligo Diet for All

If you or a friend has leukoderma (vitiligo), you may already know that it does not have a definitive cure. Don't let this worry you as there are steps that can be taken to help stop vitiligo from worsening. You may even find that with strong commitment to these changes the vitiligo will improve.

First, consider your environment. Invisible pollutants can make skin conditions worse. Living or working where environmental pollutant levels are very high is likely to have a negative effect on vitiligo. There are basically two solutions: You can work to protect yourself from exposure, or you need to leave the poor environment. This may appear to be quite extreme, but it will help your skin tremendously to stop exposure to large amounts of common pollutants in a poor environment. It is definitely something to consider.

Green Juice: The best treatment and possible cure for vitiligo

Once environmental pollutants are under control, your diet is the second important factor to consider. What you eat has a huge effect on the aggressiveness of vitiligo. Sometimes the body is already reacting to an allergen but you are not aware of this. Figuring out what may be creating the reaction of vitiligo in your skin is very important. You must learn what is good to eat and what to avoid when eating so that you can take control over the extent and spread of your disease.

Both traditional doctors and natural healing practitioners agree, people with vitiligo need to avoid certain foods in order to improve their skin's condition. To start working toward a diet change, it may help you to keep a log of what you eat for a week. As you refer back to it, it can help you to see where you need to make changes in your food choices.

When you think of the effect diet can have on vitiligo, two main things come to mind. The first issue is allergies to food. These allergies do not necessarily cause a stuffy nose and runny eyes. A person’s body can misread a food as being an enemy and attack it. This reaction then causes problems in their body, including skin reactions like vitiligo. Food allergies can develop at any age, and the allergies do not have to be extreme in order to cause significant harm. A minor allergy to gluten can worsen vitiligo. Removing allergenic food from your diet will add to your vitiligo cure.

Understanding Food Allergy

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Food allergy testing may help you find the certain foods that your body does not tolerate well. Unfortunately allergy testing is not always perfect in finding problem foods, so if you sense that a food might be causing you problems, do not hesitate to consider discussing a food exclusion test with your physician. By keeping the food out of your diet completely for about one month, you will see if it is a cause of increased problems with your vitiligo.

The second diet related issue is antioxidants and how much you take in daily through food and supplements. Antioxidants help your body to disable free radicals. Decreasing free radicals in your system will help your skin to improve. Modifying your diet can increase your antioxidant intake. Eat more fresh fruits and dark green vegetables. Avoid processed and grilled foods because these contain chemicals that reduce the absorption of antioxidants.

Free Radicals Explained

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The best diet is a natural diet. Food allergies disappear when the correct changes are made. When allergies are gone, the body is no longer fighting off what you eat and you may see your vitiligo improve significantly. While you may not cure the vitiligo completely, at least foods you eat will no longer be causing problems. This will allow you to focus on other improvements to make in your lifestyle.


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