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VIVIMIND: Memory protection therapy - in a pill

Updated on August 4, 2009

You might have already heard some talk about Vivimind as an over the counter product, but you might still be wondering, 'what is it really, and what would it do for me?'  That is a perceptive\intriguing question. The simple answer is that Vivimind is an over-the-counter nutraceutical memory protection therapy. The hive mind behind Vivimind, OVOS Natural Health Inc. , claims that their new Vivimind product is a recently patented product which is based on a naturally occurring ingredient named homotaurine. Homotaurine is known to bind to beta-amyloid (also known as A-beta) proteins and subsequently reduce the deposition of these A-beta proteins in the Human brain. This is relevant because many scientists have come to believe that the slow build up of a specific toxic protein (the A-beta) is detrimental\harmful to the brain. Eventually as this protein buildup reaches excessive levels\amounts, it can often cause neurons (brain cells) within the brain to malfunction and eventually die. When those\the neurons are damaged or die, communication and signaling problems take place inside the brain that ultimately affect the memory and learning abilities. The death of these brain cells is reflected by a gradual shrinkage of the region from which they are lost: the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with learning and memory.  When putting forth the effects of their Vivimind over-the-counter nutraceutical, OVOS makes the following claim:  VIVIMIND is scientifically proven to protect memory function, based on the naturally occurring ingredient, homotaurine, found in seaweed. VIVIMIND:      * Protects the brain structure associated with memory and learning     * Preserves memory     * Sustains brain cell health     * Maintains verbal skills and comprehension ability     * Supports planning and execution skills  ( source: Ovos Health )   When discussing the varied test results for their new product, Vivimind, Ovos make the following claims about their success:       In a groundbreaking study performed in Canada and the United States using brain scans (magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)), VIVIMIND was shown to significantly reduce the loss of brain volume in the hippocampus. In fact, VIVIMIND was proven to preserve 68% more brain volume versus placebo (like a sugar pill).

    Individuals taking VIVIMIND also performed better on memory and thinking tests compared with individuals taking placebo. VIVIMIND was found to improve cognitive performance (verbal skills, memory, comprehension ability, planning and execution skills) by 33% versus placebo.

     ( source: Ovos Health )


Reflecting upon its massive potential for an aging population, you can start to imagine why the makers of Vivimind are excited about finally being able to release it to the general public; if it is perceived by consumers\the public to be of any serious preventative value, then its commercial potential could be quite impressive as well. Given the the potential profits at stake here, predictably the first few months of marketing and sales will be of extreme\massive importance. It will be quite intriguing to see how well Vivimind clicks with its primary market in particular, and the public in general.  



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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I got mine for $5.00

      Gotta love Canada.

    • Shaydov Grey profile image

      Shaydov Grey 

      9 years ago from Canada

      Will this be in the US anytime soon?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It is expensive at $40 a box for 2 weeks worth of pills !


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