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want healthy body and mind switch to yoga

Updated on July 24, 2012

What is yoga?

Yoga is consisting of 3 aspects. They are:

1. Yogasanas

2. Pranayama

3. Meditation

It is practice of these three things. The end result of these practices leads mental and physical balance and at last spiritual well being.

Yogasanas includes physical postures or poses. Pranayama includes various breathing exercises.

Meditation includes concentration on a particular thing and called “Dhyana”.

These are the main pillars of yoga. Yogasanas makes everybody part of yours strong and healthier.

Pranayamas provide oxygen to your body parts and mind, which is a vital requirement of our body cells.Yoga is not a religion, any person of any religion can practice it.

Who is doing yoga these days?

Now in world many popular people have adopted yoga in their daily routine. Among them are Hollywood celebrities, industrialists, students and common people. Some of the Hollywood personalities who switch to yoga are Jennifer Aniston, Ricky Martin, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many more.

Reasons why yoga is becoming famous these days

1. Easy To do: Any person can do yoga, it can be a child, youth or a old person.

2. Anytime: You can do yoga anytime, even though the best time is at morning and evening with empty stomach or the food intake duration should be at least 3 hours. Pranayams activities can be done in office time to relax your mind instantly and to concentrate on your work.

3. Less space required: For doing yoga you should not require lot of space. The height and width space of your body is enough to practice yoga.

4. No expensive exercising equipment required as in gym.

5. Any place: you can do it in your room, garden, office, and park.

What are the benefits of yoga?

It is very important question. There are lot of benefits of yoga. It is difficult to mention them all but some of them are:

1. Instant relaxation of body and mind.

2. Concentration enhancement.

3. Increases body resistance power to fight diseases like cough and cold, digestive disorder.

4. Your skin and face will start glowing

5. You will feel more flexibility in your body.

6. Reduce Ageing sign from your face and skin.

7. Very much beneficial for diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, digestive disorder, fatigue, heart problem, Asthma, Weight reduction, play a role of stress reliever.

My personnel experience with yoga

10 year ago, when I was a college student, I and my friend usually goes to jogging in to a park and do physical exercise there. It was our daily routine at the morning as we were very health conscience. In that park we usually watched some people doing yoga by seating in a group. One person was seating in front of them and was playing role of a leader, giving them the instruction and also doing yoga by himself.

At that time my thought was that the yoga is basically done by old people and by those who do not believe in hard physical exercise. The knowledge of mine and my friend was very little about yoga.

My friend was a very curious guy, in his curiosity one day he went to the group leader, as he had just finished his yoga session and asked him what is yoga? And why should a person do it?The answer he had given changed our mentality about yoga. He said a person who is a physically healthier ,strong and have good muscles may not be mentally healthier or strong and a person who is mentally strong may be not physically strong , by doing regular yoga a person will be remain fit in both sense, yoga is art of living.

After hearing such words from him, I became regular practice nor of yoga and join their group.

Some of famous asanas

Sputa Balasana, Ardha Bhekasana, Ardha chandrasana, Anjaneyasana, Bhujangasana,Dhanurasana, natrajasana.

Some measure you should take

1. Never try yoga yourself, you should have instructor or guru or trainer.

2. You can try yoga at anytime of the day but morning and evening is the best time.

3. Choose a peaceful or open area with lot of oxygen available there.

4. Use mate using it, the energy which will be generated doing yoga will not be observed by the ground on which you are sitting.


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