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Warning: His Taking a Psychotropic May Be Dangerous to Your Life

Updated on August 20, 2014

We have on record a very large number of random acts of violence. They number in the dozens, if not more. One common thread that runs throughout all of these is that each person committing the act of violence was using or had been using a Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or SSRI. These drugs are commonly prescribed for depression, but in fact can cause depression, suicidal tendencies, and homicidal tendencies.

It is one thing to say that a person should have the right to accept whatever medical care he wants, but quite another to say he has that right when as a result of the medical treatment, he may pose a danger to others, including strangers. Such a person may also pose a danger to his own family members, or to close friends.

There is an excellent chart of all of the mass shootings in recent history here:

The title of the article is "Every mass shooting over the last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns"

Dr. Pater Breggin is a nationally recognized expert on the subject of psychotropics and is frequently called as an expert witness in trials involving people who have been using these drugs. In fact, Dr. Breggin was the developer of the "Prozac Defense", whereby he was able to present the argument that the defendant was using Prozac and for that reason, he was not in his right mind, and cannot be held morally responsible for having committed the crime. You can see more about the first use of this defense here:

Dr. Breggin explains exactly what the problem with these drugs is, in detail. He explains which drugs are implicated. It is critically important to everyone who goes out in public to be familiar with these drugs, and why they should be banned. This book is a very good place to start, and provides the impetus for the activism necessary to ban them.

If you have a family member who is using these drugs, or if you are yourself using them, you need to stop! Unfortunately, a person cannot simply quit cold turkey. A person must be weaned off the drugs over a period of several weeks, and still poses a danger for some weeks after discontinuing the drugs.

Quite frankly, these drugs should never have been approved in the first place. As is the case with many such drugs, the Food and Drug Administration approved them in spite of evidence that they are safe and effective, based on virtually no studies, of which the few that exist were conducted under the auspices of the manufacturers, and contain research fraud.

For your own safety, and that of your family members, READ THIS BOOK!

Also available on Amazon. These books are critically important to anyone who is considering these medications, has a family member considering or using them, or anybody who goes out in public for whatever reason, including schoolchildren who go to school.

Your Drug May Be Your Problem, Revised Edition: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications
by M.D. Peter Breggin, David Cohen

Toxic Psychiatry: Why Therapy, Empathy and Love Must Replace the Drugs, Electroshock, and Biochemical Theories of the "New Psychiatry"
by Peter R. Breggin

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and their Families
by Peter R. Breggin MD

I will tell you about a case I know of personally. This is the son of a friend. The boy was being given Zoloft, and was started on 50mg, which is a pretty hefty dose for an adult, let alone a 12 year old. The psychiatrist wanted to increase his dose to 200mg, which is totally out of sight.

During the time he was on the drug, he threatened various family members with sharp weapons, including a knife and a shard of glass. He obtained the glass by breaking the window in a fit of rage.

The reason he was on the drugs? His parents had a nasty divorce, and he was living in the household of the parent who initiated the divorce and continually was abusive toward her ex and the children. Drugging a CHILD for the misbehavior of his MOTHER ought to land the psychiatrist in PRISON!

The father objected, and the boy was weaned off the drug. He continued to act out for several weeks, but appears to have returned to a more normal frame of mind.

Later, the mother found another psychiatrist and put another child (the third, actually, that she did this with) on Zoloft, with the psychiatrist's help. The child has suffered from a condition that resembles a transient ischemic attack, which she has had from infancy. In order to protect her, doctors put her heart on a pacemaker when she was little, and when the battery finally died several years later, they left it alone because she seemed to be doing all right. However, the attacks recently resumed. She simply goes dormant for a short time. During that time, she can drop things, or have other problems. Attempts have been made to diagnose the problem, but nothing was found, which, if this is a TIA, would be expected. Apparently the psychiatrist who put her on the drug failed to take a medical history. The combination of these attacks plus Zoloft, which can cause seizures, COULD prove fatal. But the child is taking the drug out of fear of her mother, and her mother has been using various legal maneuvers to keep the father from objecting, since he managed to get two of the children off drugs already. Oh, and get this. Now that she's been through all this, she is plotting to run away with a stranger she met over the internet, who could be someone completely different from how that person is being portrayed, as soon as this girl turns 18. That is HIGHLY dangerous. How much of this is a result of having been so badly mistreated by her mother? I don't even wanna know.

These drugs have never even been tested in children!

I feel a huge sense of outrage that doctors are doing things like this, and getting away with it.

And one more thing: it is actually fairly common for the government to pay a psychiatric hospital to hold a person AGAINST HIS WILL without being charged with a crime, let alone convicted, merely for saying something someone else interpreted as a possible threat to himself or others (which may have been nothing of the kind), and then forced to begin taking these drugs. In fact, the government will hold the person hostage in the mental hospital until he agrees to TAKE these drugs.

Let's look at another case, one not discussed in this book per se, but which shows the other side of the coin. Let's say that for some reason, a person has a nasty personality, or he refuses to control his behavior, and acts in a nasty manner toward others. I personally think it is much more common that people simply refuse to control their behavior. We live in an era when nobody takes personal responsibility for anything. If you have a problem, take a pill!

So this person takes a psychotropic, and he's mild-mannered as long as he takes his pill.

This raises two questions:

1. is it now true that he is getting his personality out of a bottle, and so this isn't really HIM at all?

2. if he is a creative artist or musician, will this take the edge off his creativity, or truncate his expression?

There is a good chance the answer to each question is "Yes".

Why would anyone willfully mess with his brain this way? Don't we have enough trouble thinking clearly without deliberately undermining our ability to think?

A new example cropped up just this week, for me. A family member has a genetic condition that cause him to think differently from most people. He got put on a psychotropic of some kind, presumably for behavioral issues. Even on the drug, he will get very angry and then trash the house or his room, throwing stuff everywhere. I don't see how to teach him not to do this as long as his already compromised thinking abilities are further compromised by taking a drug that suppresses certain trains of thought for the purpose of controlling behavioral tendencies. To me, this is no better than giving a CHILD a drug so he'll sit quietly in school. If you create an environment that doesn't recognize the nature of the child, then don't punish the child by poisoning him so he'll comply with this toxic and unnatural environment! Children are supposed to MOVE. Sitting still for that long teaches bad health habits. People need to get up and walk around during the day, and need to get in the habit when they are young. Sitting still stifles one of the major qualities of childhood. What are we doing to their creativity and thinking ability when instead of making an environment that fits the child, we use poisons to fit the child to such a stifling environment?

The ultimate insult to my mind was the fact that this person of whom I speak will now be put in an institution as a result. He's being punished for being forced to take poison. How fair is that? It infuriates me!

We live in a world of madness, and it's not the madness coming from the victims. It's the madness coming from a medical profession that tolerates this kind of malpractice, and a pharmaceutical industry that markets such atrocious poisons in the first place.

By the way, the recent shooting at Fort Hood (the second there) has been clearly linked to psychotropics. So have other recent shootings.

© 2013 Pat Goltz

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