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Warning! Strep bug can hide for "Hundreds of Years"

Updated on August 9, 2015

Strep bug Warning!

We restore hundreds of Native American Regalia for collectors and for museums. And, have been doing this for many years.

Never did we consider it could be dangerous? Until now.

May our sharing help keep another from catching the Strep Bug from old leathers.

CARTOON by Kansas author/artist pabear48

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The Moccasins

By Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Late June of 2014 we were contacted about repairing a pair of moccasins that were from Fort Sully era and about 167 years old. They needed leather repairing and full complete re-beading. Nothing special about this! We have been restoring Regalia for many years.

They arrived and we inspected and estimated the costs to the customer. Again, a normal process we have done hundreds of times. With approval of the estimate we started the restore process. Once more perfectly normal.

They were a beautiful example of Native American Indian hand crafted house moccasins. House moccasins were made to be worn inside the homes and not outside. They were comfortable and stopped the feet from getting splinters from the wood floors. This pair were made from beaver.

They were lined with flour sackcloth and the toe areas were beaded. Although the original design was completely gone even though a few beads remained attached in lazy stitch line. (see photo) But, people did save all the original trade beads used. This was rare.

The leathers although many rips, tears and holes was restore able. It remained supple and not brittle even after 167 years. Much of the original sinew needed restoration.

Bob started the leather repairs so that I could then do the beading restoration.

We are on the internet:

Moccasins as they arrived. - Native American Indian Regalia before restoration.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
You can see some original Trade beads still hanging, and some of the holes.Heal was completely torn apartside damageAreas that on toe leather had holed and torn.Ripped and torn areasBack seam totally undone.Side hole.
You can see some original Trade beads still hanging, and some of the holes.
You can see some original Trade beads still hanging, and some of the holes.
Heal was completely torn apart
Heal was completely torn apart
side damage
side damage
Areas that on toe leather had holed and torn.
Areas that on toe leather had holed and torn.
Ripped and torn areas
Ripped and torn areas
Back seam totally undone.
Back seam totally undone.
Side hole.
Side hole.
Winter Warrior by pabear48
Winter Warrior by pabear48

The attack!

The strep bug attack started with Annlee feeling like an infection was starting in her system as a fever started. Within hours she was blind as the eyes infected and closed. Her chest formed giant blisters and all strength failed.

She was hospitalized and started high anti-biotic therapy. From room to ICU the strep bug tried ripping her system and she came close to an end when her blood pressure fell to 67/34.

The same day Annlee was hospitalized and Bob was walking out that night. His left leg went into high pain and he became cold, chilled and tremor shakes. He was then also hospitalized for the "Bug" had attacked his left leg from the knee down. Within hours it had swelled to three times normal size and pain that would not stop. Quarantined in a room they started high anti-biotic infusion.

Thus, we both became infected and hospitalized on the exact same day. And, would remain so for over a week.

We are home now and still under anti-biotic and other drugs. Bob has been told his leg will take another month or more to go back to normal. My chest is all raw skin and my eyes just starting to come back.

We are sharing this so people become aware that old leathers can carry an old "bug", and that people will share this knowledge with friends and family. Especially to people you know work in museums!

Doctors traced the infection back to the 167 year old moccasins. Then had them micro-waved to destroy the strep bug living somewhere upon them.

We are weak and Bob can hardly walk. But, we know this is so important to share as quickly as we can in a lens sharing if only it prevents another from a hidden "strep bug" . Knowledge is power when one is informed.

Our new protocol is to micro-wave all items that come for restoration. And, we hope you now do this also.

History teaches us!

American history teaches us that many diseases plagued the Native Indian population when visitors and settlers arrived. We have read about smallpox and measles infecting trade blankets. Along with others that also killed soldiers, traders and settlers as well as the Native Indians. Thousands died from them.

We have read about outbreaks that devastated whole areas.

But, until TODAY---We have never heard of a disease hiding and existing attached to old leathers just waiting for a new victim.

The strep bug that hit us was an original strep that had not been muted by future chemicals man made that forced it to change. The full force of an original was the attacker that took us down.

Moccasins after Restoration - One still needs to be beaded when Annlee is fully recovered.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Restored and beaded
Restored and beaded
Restored and beaded

Kill the bugs! Micro Wave all old leathers. ASAP

— Trulee Ann Wells

Start of the Attack by the Strep Bug

Annlee works very close to the items being restored. So it was her eyes that took the first attack by the 167 year old strep bug hiding in the moccasins.

At first we thought a reaction to a new drug her doctor prescribed? But, that was not the case.

First her eyes and as the attack proceeded she became blind for over ten days.

Then it hit her chest, brain, and every organ of the body. Only modern medicine killed the bug.

Today, she remains in recovery and very weak.

Please let others know this can happen. The threat is real! The possibility can occur.

Thanks, Bob

Feb 12, 2015 Update

We are both much better. Trulee still has signs of the strep attack even after all this time.

We invite you to visit our web site: Annlee Cakes

Strep bug first attacked the eyes of Annlee

Click thumbnail to view full-size
First attck by the 167 year old bug was the eyes.
First attck by the 167 year old bug was the eyes.
First attck by the 167 year old bug was the eyes.

We pray, our hub sharing helps you become aware that old leathers may carry a terrible bug even after 167 years. And, that you share this hub link for all to learn and read!



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